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Unidentified Photographs

Below are several photogaphs--all from Quakertown sources--in which individual people, groups, or locations have not been identified. Any information that is known about a photograph has been supplied in an accompanying note.


If you can provide information about any of these photographs, please share your information with Duane Schultz at schultz3025@comcast.net.


As photographs are identified, they will be moved to the indexed Photographs page. From time to time, others will be added to this page. Thank you to all who have provided help.


This page was last updated on June 7, 2010.





Photograph 001

Photograph 008

Photograph 009

The man standing fourth from left is Stephen J. Crouch (1888-1970). The man standing at the far right appears to be Carl Shafer.

Photograph 011

The man second from left appears to be Chauncey Crouch.

Photograph 012

The person at top might be David Watrous.

Photograph 013

The girl at left is Everell Watrous.The photo was taken next to the Bill Library. Does anyone know the identity of the other girl?

Photograph 016

Photograph 018

Photograph 019

Photograph 024

Photograph 025

Photograph 026

This photo is a daguerreotype.

Photograph 028

Photograph 030

Taken in front of the Nathan Watrous House.

Photograph 031

Photograph 032

The man at left appears to be Levi Crouch. Does anyone know WHERE this photo was taken?

Photograph 033

This appears to be the home of Elias E. Watrous (1852-1924). Does anyone know where it is / was located?

Photograph 035



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