Antietam Trip Report from September 15, 2007
by Tom Shay (Cressona, PA)

Today I spent the day at Antietam and joined the NPS Rangers for the scheduled anniversary hikes.
I also visited the Sharpsburg Heritage Festival. Here are few photos from off the beaten path.


BELOW: Alexander Gardner had taken the famous photo of Burnside Bridge.


However, until recently, his view of the bridge was not available to us battlefield stompers.
A new trail follows the Union IX Corps' positions on the eastern side of Antietam Creek.
Due to a recent clearing of the area east of Burnside Bridge, Gardner's tremendous view
is now available to those willing to make the trek.

BELOW: My photo is taken from eastern end of the bridge. It shows the area recently
exposed due to the tree and brush clearing. That cleared area is the site Gardner's camera for
the above photo. The clearing has also exposed another quarry! Surely everyone knows of the
quarry on western end of Burnside Bridge (used by Georgian infantry) which served as source of
stone for the bridge. The newly found quarry is on eastern side of the creek (half-way up slope).


BELOW:  The quarry should be more apparent from this view (halfway up slope).

BELOW:  We are now at top of the slope. Quarry lies below (not easily seen from this angle.)
However , this view appears to come close to Gardner's view. Burnside Bridge is seen at top-center.
Note how steep the slope was for the Federal infantry who charged down to the bridge.


BELOW:  This view offers a clear view of the quarry.


Before Sharpsburg was founded, it was known as Great Spring.
It was a great source of high quality water for the surrounding area.
The water was used for households, gardening, and livestock.
The spring was used until a municipal water system was installed in 1969.
(Source: "A Walking Tour of Sharpsburg")

In previous reports, I've noted the "Rock Ledge". However, very recently
the area has been totally cleared of brush and now is easily accessible.

This view is looking south along a section of the ledge.


Same section, but looking north Notice the new fencing to the east.

BELOW:  German Reformed Church
The Pennsylvania windows

16th Connecticut window

SHAF website has nice article about the window at: SHAF article

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