Antietam: photos from my Sept 16, 2004 trip

Roulette Farm complex (Photo #1) 
Note the scaffolding at ends of building on right

Roulette Farm complex (Photo #2) 

Roulette Farm complex  (Photo #3) 

Roulette Farm complex  (Photo #4) 

Carman map (section from 10:30 AM showing Irish Brigade at Sunken Road)

Some excerpts from Carman manuscript:


Approach to Sunken Road (Photo #1)
The above photo was taken at base of slope.
Perhaps near left flank of 69th New York? 

Approach to Sunken Road (Photo #2)
In the above photo we can now see (and be seen) by Rebels in the road
Note the fencing can be seen on right. 

At the Sunken Road (Photo #3)
In the above photo we are now point-blank in front of the Rebels, who are in the road.

Rebels's view from Sunken Road (Photo #4)
In 1862 there was no corn or high vegetation here to block line-of-sight.

Rebels's view to right flank while in Sunken Road (Photo #5)

Rebels's view to left flank while in Sunken Road (Photo #6)

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