Antietam Trip Report
by Tom Shay (Cressona, PA)

I spent Sunday May 1, 2005 on full day hike with NPS Rangers Brian Baracz and Kevin Walker (Cultural Resources expert).  This is my report. 

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We began the day at the Visitor's Center at 9:30 AM. First stop was Dunker Church. Then we headed west, passed the 125th PA monument, crossed Route 65, and continued to Locher Farm. 


The Mary Locher Farmstead

(SEE MAP ABOVE) The Mary Locher cabin is on western edge of the
West Woods and is noted as A Poffenberger on Carman map.

(ABOVE) The Locher cabin was built in 1750's during French & Indian Wars.  There is no heating evidence, so may have been seasonal residence.  In 1862, Mary Grove Locher was leasing this farm to Alfred Poffenberger. Hence either name is used in reference to this site (same as Hauser Farm being leased from Grove family).  The cabin includes hand-riven siding. Many post-battle burials occurred on west side of this cabin. In the photo, you'll see a preservation pavilion is under construction by seasonal personnel as part of a stop-gap measure to reduce more damage. One of biggest threats is snow accumulating on roof. Eventually they will surround this structure with rosenglass siding (I am unsure of this term) and be heated.  Perhaps in 30 years it will again be uncovered? Before the posts were put in, an archeological study was done of the soil below them.

(ABOVE) Ranger Kevin Walker (Cultural Resources Division) stands near root cellar. 
It had collapsed and was restored about 10 years ago.

(ABOVE) Barn of Locher Farm with original foundation.
Roof may be unsightly but it still protects the structure.

(ABOVE) View of the Locher cabin from 15th Mass Monument.
The cabin is in remote location. Although it is enshrouded by trees, that may actually protect it from becoming target of vandalism or relic hunters (since the cabin cannot be easily watched by park personnel).   

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