Antietam Trip Report (Page 2)
by Tom Shay (Cressona, PA)


Leaving Locher Farm, we stopped at 15th MASS monument, then headed north to Starke Ave.


The Hagerstown Pike

(ABOVE) Recently built fence along west side of Hagerstown Pike (looking north near Starke Ave). The original split-rail fence would have appeared more rustic and had 6 rails. The modern 5-rail fences are more affordable. Once the current supply of 5-rail posts is exhausted, these 5-rail posts will eventually be replaced with 6-rail posts. Also, notice the considerable distance between roadbed and the fence. This is due to traffic concerns. The original pike had a 3-foot wide berm. 



(ABOVE) The old Tollgate Booth (on right) on pike north of Sharpsburg.
The photo also appears in Adelman & Smith's new Then & Now book.
See location of tollgate on Carman map below...


From Starke Ave, we walked north to the Miller Farm..... 

The Miller Farm

(ABOVE) Miller Barn is under restoration (stone foundation is original).

(ABOVE) Miller House restoration project (view of east side). 
Note the opened exterior reveals wooded structure. Stucco on home had been scored to look like stone. This restoration project is a line-item of Congress with over $1.5 million budget in process for over 15 years already. They've done the archeology work and are assessing the structure. Full project should be underway by 2008.  The owner was Colonel John Miller (father of D.R. Miller). Despite this house sitting amidst the morning's battle, there is no apparent damage.  Colonel Miller filed a claim of $25 for "damage by a shell".

(ABOVE) My photo of the Miller Farm picture passed around by rangers. 
Also appears in Adelman and Smith's new book Antietam: Then & Now.

(ABOVE) Site of Miller Garden. Fence at north end caused problems for Iron Brigade.

Carman states: "Upon approaching D.R. Miller's garden the fire from this point was severe, the enemy still holding it as a picket post, although Duryea had passed it on the east. The skirmishers, under Captain John A. Kellogg, drove the Confederates out, and the regiment pushed on over the open field, which was swept by an artillery fire from Stuart's guns on the right and Poague's in front. The right wing passed to the right of Miller's garden without trouble; the left was delayed in its advance by a picket fence surrounding the garden. In moving over the flower beds and through the rose bushes Captain E.A. (Brown?) was killed by a musket ball. "


Grave of Colonel John Miller (father of D.R. Miller).

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