Antietam Trip Report (Page 5)
by Tom Shay (Cressona, PA)


Leaving Mumma Farm, we headed south to the Roulette Farm.


Roulette Farm

(ABOVE) Historic Gardner photo of the Roulette Farm

(ABOVE) We were only the second tour group brought into the Roulette House since it's acquisition.
We have entered via kitchen door and turned left into main dining room with fireplace.
Story was recounted of 14th CT veteran returning to this home only two weeks after
the battle and entering this dining room. He found Mrs. Roulette had set a resplendent
dinner table and no sign of the battle was to be noted! The interior has been re-painted and 
re-carpeted.  NPS's intent is to restore the first floor and open it to the public.

(ABOVE) Moving to left, we see another door and an entrance into another room.

(ABOVE) We have entered the room with another fireplace.

(ABOVE) Returning to kitchen area, we see (on left) red door into the oven.

(ABOVE) In kitchen,  you can view the original woodwork (painted blue).
There is plenty of it within the home.

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