Antietam Trip Report (Page 7)
by Tom Shay (Cressona, PA)


Leaving Park Farm, we headed south to Newcomer Farm. We then headed
northwest up long slope, barely missed stepping on huge black snake in
roadbed, crossed highway, and headed south to Sherrick Farm. Next we began
our return trip by heading northwest up steep slopes to the cemetery.


     East Woods                                                            Silos near Upper Bridge                                  Sunken Road                                      
We re-crossed the Boonsboro Pike into old cemetery.
Going north, we arrived at possible scene where DH Hill had his horse hit by Union shell. This spot obviously offered Lee an excellent view of events 
on his left flank and center to his north. From there we could see tips of North Woods trees, West Woods, farm silos near Hooker (Upper) Bridge, town of Sharpsburg, Red Hill, and Sunken Road. 

We proceeded north to Piper Farm. Owners have closed the Bed & Breakfast and retired. Replanting of the orchard continues to be expanded. However, the far west end will not be replanted, as much of that ground is rocky and soil is 18 inches lower than had been.  There is no firm idea of exactly what fruits were grown in the orchard. In 1862, the orchard trees were apparently fairly large. Accounts of Rebels climbing into them (for use as sharpshooting positions) seem to endorse this.  Piper House itself appears nothing like the original building used as Longstreet's HQ.  Story was recounted of how Piper daughters were avidly pro-Union. They offered DH Hill and Longsreet some wine. Longstreet declined out of caution of poisoning, while Hill accepted. After Hill showed no ill effects, Ol' Pete accepted the offer. (I'm sure you've heard that one).

Final leg of our trek was north across Piper Orchard to the Visitor Center, arriving exhausted about 4:45 PM.

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