This is a brief overview of what every Science Fair participant must

complete for his/her project.


Individual or Team Entry Form

Please provide all of the information requested with the possible exceptions of FCAT and/or SAT scores; these are only needed if the student is a high school senior or junior. This form is only completed if the project is going to compete at the Regional Science Fair; it is not needed at the school’s fair.


Checklist for Adult Sponsor/Safety Assessment Form (1)

This must be read and signed by the adult overseeing the student’s project BEFORE the experiment begins, as indicated by the “Start Date” on the Form 1A. It can be a teacher, parent or professional.


Research Plan (1A)

This must be completed with all attachments requested before Form 1B is signed (except for the abstract and completion date. These are completed and/or attached after the project is completed.) Please make sure that the experiment’s beginning date on Form 1A is not filled in before the project has been approved (as shown by dated signatures on Forms 1 and 1B).


Research Plan Attachment/ Number 9 from the Research Plan (1A)

All of the items must be typed and attached to the Form 1A prior to approval.


Approval Form (1B)

The top half must be signed and dated by the student, adult sponsor and the student’s parent BEFORE the experiment begins.



These are the five forms REQUIRED for all projects. However, if any of the boxes in question 8 on Form 1A are marked, there are additional forms that must also be completed PRIOR to experimentation. Please refer to the website for additional requirements.


Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. The website has a “Forms Wizard” that is extremely helpful, as well.


Greg Anthony, Pine Ridge Middle School

377-5052 (school)




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