Student projects must comply with Collier Regional Science Fair rules and FFFS rules and ISEF rules.  Collier Regional Science Fair rules supersede both FFFS and ISEF rules.  FFFS rules supersede ISEF rules.

ISEF RULES Wizard: Click here to go to find which forms are required for your project.

Basics of Science Fair Paper Work:  Click here for a helpful summary of science fair forms.

Display and Safety Checklist Form: This form will be completed by science fair officials during project set up.

Please print and save forms after completing!  Sign forms in blue ink only.


  • Projects requiring any form located in this column requires pre-approval from the Collier SRC OR IRB committee BEFORE students may begin to work on that project. 

  • Forms for these projects should be submitted to Mary Marshall as soon as possible but no later than October 15. 

  • Individual schools may NOT create their own SRC or IRB.

Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)

*Date before experiment start date


Student Checklist (1A)

*Experiment START / END Date

Research Plan:

Question / Problem


Variables (independent, dependent,

     control, constants)

Detailed step-by-step description of

    experimental procedure


Data analysis procedure


Conclusion (complete only after end date)



     ISEF rules

     Safety Precautions and Procedures

     minimum of 5 major references

      *Online bibliography help (use MLA)

      *Date accessed before experiment

        start date


Approval Form (1 B)

*Date before experiment start date


Risk Assessment Form (3)

*Date before experiment start date


Regulated Research Institution/Industrial Setting Form (1C)




Qualified Scientist Form (2)




Human Participants Form (4)


Verification of Informed Consent


Human Informed Consent Form




Vertebrate Animal Form (5A & 5B)


Mortality Report 2015




Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents Form (6A)


BSL 2 Safety Form




Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form (6B)




Continuation Projects Form (7)

Abstract Form 2015

*Complete & Date after experiment end date


SSEF Enrty form 2015

*Complete & Date after local school science fair

(Only projects advancing to the Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair)




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