Home Schooled Student Information

The Collier Regional Science Fair is for students in Collier county in grades 6 to 12.

Home schooled students in Collier county must register to be eligible to compete in a local Collier school science fair.  Home schooled students must register between August 15 and August 31 by e-mailing their name, grade and home address to Greg Anthony (anthongr@collierschools.com).

Registered home schooled students will first compete in a home school science fair directed by a home school parent science fair coordinator.

The number of projects that may advance from the home school science fair to a local Collier school science fair will be determined after registration has closed. 

By November 26 the home school science coordinator must e-mail me the names of the home school students that will advance to compete at a local Collier school fair. Upon receiving the names of the two students I will then determine which Collier local school science fair is the most appropriate for them to compete in.  School Zone Boundaries: http://www.collierschools.com/parents/boundaries.asp

Student projects must comply with Collier Regional Science Fair rules and FFFS rules and ISEF rules.  Collier Regional Science Fair rules supersede both FFFS and ISEF rules.  FFFS rules supersede ISEF rules.

Parents of home schooled students or their designated Home School Science Fair Coordinator must attend the science fair coordinators meeting.  CLICK HERE FOR DATE and LOCATION.

All rules and forms are available at  Collier Regional Science Fair rules.


Questions about the Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair and registration may be sent to:

Greg Anthony

Pine Ridge Middle School

1515 Pine Ridge Middle School

Naples, FL  34109

(239) 377-5052



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