1. Find recently published abstracts that summarize the scientific results of experimental research.

2. Identify and explain the problem, hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, control, results and conclusion of a recently published abstract that is related to your science project.

3. Compare and contrast your project with the published experiment.

4. Attach a copy of the abstract to your summary.

5. Include the bibliography information.


You should access one of the following online sources and then use the "Advanced Search" feature to search for an abstract:


Science (username: anthony2003  /    password: anthony2003   / account: 17186307)


Wiley InterScience Home  (username:      /     password: sciencefair )


Others to try

Google Scholar


SCIRUS   (a web search engine for science)


Search Credible


HighWire -- Free Online Full-text Articles



Collier Regional Science and Engineering Fair Homepage