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About Our 2010 Ports Of Call

Part of the fun of these cruises is the adventure of going to new places and discovering new things, an experience that both the celebrities and their fans will all enjoy sharing with each other. And in our special Doctor Who Creative Workshop At Sea, you may even be able to use some of the fun things you see and discover on our travels as subject matter to include in the original adventure we'll be making together! It will be a fan-tastic voyage that you'll never forget. Check out the chart below for our complete port of call schedule.

[Schedule Of Port Calls Graphic]

[Schedule Of Port Calls Map]

We begin our adventure (and later end it again too) in Seattle, Washington with our Bon Voyage Party. The party is included free in your cruise membership, and it will start up at about 6pm, so you will have time to fly in from wherever you live, have a great time that evening meeting all the other fans & our celebrity guests of honor as a number of local area fans bid us all a Bon Voyage, and then wake up the next morning and take our private tour bus to the Doctor Who TV Movie filming location tour before being delivered directly to the cruise ship port in Vancouver Canada where we will actually board our ship, the Rhapsody Of The Seas, before it's scheduled 5:30pm departure.

Vancouver is a dream-like, mountain-ringed city blessed with a huge natural harbor that remains ice-free year-round. Wide open spaces, beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers and an enchanting rainforest all mingle together to create a most relaxed and stress-free setting. Most folks come here to get away from it all, and enjoy fantastic cuisine, world-class entertainment, and unlimited shopping opportunities. Vancouver is also a major film & television production center, and was home base for the casts & crews of such classic sci-fi & fantasy series as The X Files, the various Stargate series, and of course the 1996 TV Movie of Doctor Who. Our private bus tour will take us to a number of filming locations that you will easily recognize from the Doctor Who movie, and some of those same locations have also been seen in other productions as well.

Located right along the coast of British Columbia, the Inside Passage is the longest sheltered inland waterway in the world, and we'll be spending a full "Fun Day At Sea" as we watch the amazing scenery go by. For those who want to be involved in the creative workshop, there will be time during the day at sea set aside for doing that. Or if you'd rather just relax and let the world go by as you watch the water for orcas and humpback whales as you cruise the passage to the historic Alaskan ports of Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan, well that's all right too.

Juneau, Alaska is considered by many to be the most beautiful capital city in the nation. Checking in at just a little over 3,100-square-miles, Juneau qualifies as the biggest American city - geographically, that is. The terrain is hilly and winding, and narrow streets present a small-town quaintness existing side-by-side with cosmopolitan sophistication. You'll find great shopping, fine restaurants and superb museums.

As your ship approaches Skagway, you'll see the town resting peacefully at the base of a river valley bordered by the Coast Mountains. The mountains, ranging from 5,000- to 7,000-ft. in height, seem to rise straight up from the saltwater fjord. Once on land, the streets of Skagway draw you back over 100 years, when this idyllic native fishing village was overrun by hordes of prospectors. Today, wooden sidewalks, old-fashioned saloons, quaint gift shops and horse-drawn carriages serve as reminders of the Alaskan Gold Rush days.

Long and deep, scenic and spectacular, Tracy Arm stretches 30 miles through Alaskan fjord to the active, tidewater Sawyer Glaciers. Beginning south of Juneau, it skirts the Canadian border through a wilderness of water- and ice-falls. The fjord's fathomless waters meet right up with the coast, meaning that the ship can get a rare, close look at the nature on shore. Bears and their cubs amble through the forest among the moose, wolves, deer, and gorgeous white mountain goats. In some places, the cliffs on either side of the ship stretch thousands of feet into the air.

A popular destination along Alaska's famed Inside Passage, Ketchikan is teeming with Native American culture. Home of the largest concentration of Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian people in the state, this extraordinarily beautiful city on Revillagigedo Island boasts the world's largest collection of totem poles, and an equally impressive selection of museums and cultural centers featuring Native dance, carvings and artifacts. Ketchikan's calm waters and surprisingly gentle climate make it a favorite of sports fishermen.

From there itís another full day at sea. Thatís when youíll really appreciate that the ship itself is as wonderous a destination as any of the places it takes us to. Royal Caribbean Cruise Lineís luxurious ship, the Rhapsody Of The Seas, is your magnificent home throughout our fan-tastic voyage. As experienced cruisers know, all the great things you can see & do aboard the ship are at least as important as where it takes you, and the Rhapsody Of The Seas always has something exciting going on. Whether you prefer lounging by the pool with the celebrity guests, soaking in a relaxing whirlpool hot tub, jogging or playing sports on deck, watching videos on your own in-room satellite and closed circuit TV, or partaking of the indoor activities at the onboard casino, lounges, nightclubs, disco, and such, you'll find that your floating first class hotel has it all! We'll also have lots of time to finish up our creative workshop project, and enjoy the intimate atmosphere of our traditional farewell gathering after the final Captain's gala dinner on our last night together at sea. Best of all are the memories you'll take home with you, and the new friendships, both with your fellow fans and with the celebrity guests, that you'll carry with you and treasure forever.

Seattle is the 15th largest city in the US, and the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and well worth your time if you choose to visit either before or after your trip with us. This coastal city and seaport has numerous claims-to-fame including being the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and grunge music. Seattle is also home to a slew of fairs, festivals, galleries and museums, (including the Science Fiction Museum.) Seattle's mild, temperate marine climate allows year-round outdoor recreation, including walking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and hiking through its lush forests. Seattle is truly a canít miss destination on any vacation.

Well, you've come full circle, and with the way we've combined the Bon Voyage Party & the Bus Tour with the actual cruise, you can make your flight arrangments round-trip through convienient Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Unlike Vancouver Airport, Sea-Tac is home to multiple discount airlines with cheaper & more convienent connections to almost everywhere, which should make your overall travel plans much easier, and generally much CHEAPER, than the alternative of flying first into Vancouver & then out of Seattle instead. And don't forget that if you'd rather not have the hassels of researching & booking your own air tickets, Sam at our official travel agency, The Travel Xperts, really is a travel expert, and can do that for you when you book your cruise membership, or at any time afterwards, just ask him.

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