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The 2011 Sci-Fi Sea Cruise

And Creative Workshop At Sea

Our "Hurricane Who Bahamas Evacuation" cruise

Sailing From Orlando/Port Canaveral Florida From 7 - 12 November 2011

Come out and join some great stars from Doctor Who & other great shows for a Fan-Tastic cruise where you can be sure of a great time together as always!

[Paul & 2 Of His Alter Egos]
Paul Marc Davis
Dr Who/Sarah Jane/Torchwood
CONFIRMED 1st N. American Events

[Jeremy, Hal, Boba, & Friends]
Jeremy Bulloch
Dr Who, Star Wars, & More
CONFIRMED Guest Of Honor

[Regarding Other Guests?...]
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Regarding Other Guests
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Supporting Memberships are now available for those fans who cannot attend in person. Click here for info on what it costs, and what special benefits it gets you...

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OUR LATEST SPECIAL WORKSHOP ACTIVITY: As an exciting follow-up to our previous Writers' Workshops and Fan Audio & Video Workshops, we hope by popular demand to continue the tradition by presenting our ninth Creative Workshop At Sea as we use the wealth of time that our voyage together allows us, to turn our story ideas into complete short adventures. You’ll be able to learn from seasoned professionals who can share their insights & experiences with you as you learn the ins & outs of crafting an original story. With their kind permission, we even plan to allow for special performances by our celebrity guest actors. You and your fellow fans will develop and script a short story, rehearse lines (or read from scripts or cue cards!), help with tech services, and see it all come together as a group project. On the final night of the cruise we hold our "wrap party", and copies of our finished cruise DVD that include the workshop production as well as trip highlights and more, are sent out to cruise members later, as soon as it is ready. As if our cruises aren't enough fun already, this added dimension makes them even more unique!
SPECIAL OFFER - Click here for info on how to get your own FREE copy of one of our exclusive DVDs, like the December 2003 cruise's all original video workshop production, "Doctor Who: Death Takes A Holiday", starring Nick Courtney & Wendy Padbury as "The Brigadier" & "Zoe", and also featuring special guest appearances by Colin Baker & Frazer Hines as "The Doctor" & "Jamie", plus loads of behind-the-scenes & interview features, all on a 95 minute DVD! Or, you might prefer 2004's production, "Doctor Who: The Crystal Conundrum featuring Sylvester McCoy as The 7th Doctor, Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield, Frazer Hines as Jamie, and a hilarious blooper & gag reel, or "The Doctor's Day Out", a documentary on our Mexican cruise with Peter Davison, Mary Tamm, Deb Watling, and friends, or perhaps our 2005 production, "Doctor Who: A Happy Ending" featuring Carole Ann Ford as Susan and special guest star Verity Lambert, or our 2006 production, "Doctor Who: The Pair O' Docs Paradox" featuring Nick Courtney as The Brigadier & Stewart Bevan as Professor Jones, with special guest appearances by two different Doctors. The 2007 cruise group was SO small & intimate that we decided not to even do a story video, but to just party on instead, and the comical riffing off of one another by our delightfully insane writer guests Rob Shearman & Nev Fountain produced some of the funniest disc extras ever. And in 2008 we reunited Sylvester McCoy & Sophie Aldred as the 7th Doctor & Ace, for the occasion of Benton's wedding, but who is that mysterious uninvited guest and what is he plotting, in "Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Timelord"? Or perhaps our newest production, and our first audio adventure, "Doctor Who: Time And Tortola", featuring Laura Doddington as Zara, John Leeson as K-9, and the amazing Frazer Hines as both his original role of Jamie MacCrimmon and a spot-on recreation of his old friend & mentor Pat Troughton's Second Doctor!

Doctor Who has always been a main focus of our cruises, and in 2011 we continue to celebrate the Doctor Who universe, and others as well. This time we're sailing to somewhere we've NEVER visited before, and that a lot of you have been asking us to go to for a LONG time - an island adventure from the Orlando/Port Canaveral area! And with a full FIVE nights together, there's lots of time for all sorts of great fun. AND a full weekend of land based fun beforehand if you choose, with our friends at the Hurricane Who Convention, with whom we will be sharing some of our celebrity guests. As always, there will be loads of great things to do and see this year, both off the ship and on it, including a special Sunday night Bon Voyage Party in Orlando after the closing ceremonies of the Hurricane Who Convention, the night before we set sail on the ship, which will be included FREE for all attending members aboard the cruise, and also offered separately to local area fans who are unable to sail aboard the ship with us (separate Bon Voyage Party only membership rates to be announced closer to the event...)

Join us for a FULL FIVE NIGHTS aboard ship - from 7 - 12 November of 2011 (plus the BONUS Bon Voyage Party the NIGHT BEFORE sailing on Sunday 6 November!) The next day it's off to the cruise ship terminal at Port Canaveral, near the world famous Kennedy Space Center, to board our ship, the large & luxurious Carnival Ecstasy. You'll want to pack your swimsuits, because even in November, the weather's usually great in Florida & the Bahamas. As always, you'll be able to share it all with a great bunch of sci-fi celebrities & fans enjoying the trip together.

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SPECIAL NOTICE! - If you're thinking of joining us on the next cruise, or were with us in the past, we're sure you'll want to order a copy of "Doctor At Sea", a video by Keith Barnfather of Reeltime Productions, who does the reknowned "Myth Makers" home video series spotlighting the stars of Doctor Who & other sci-fi classics. The video was filmed live onboard our November 2001 cruise, and will give you an inside peek at what to expect when YOU come aboard.

Share an exciting vacation adventure on the high seas along with our special celebrity guests.

Discover the amazing scenery, history, and culture of the Bahamas in the intimate company of popular celebrities from the world's longest running TV and multi-media sci-fi program.

It all comes together November 7th - 12th 2011 aboard Carnival Cruise Line's modern & luxurious ship the Carnival Ecstasy, as we share a full five nights of unique & intimate fun. It's a once in a lifetime voyage specially designed to appeal to your sense of adventure, in the company of some of your favorite sci-fi celebrities in an extremely informal & intimate manner, and features our latest special, exclusive, private onboard activity, The 9th Creative Workshop At Sea, along with all the other great activities you'd expect to find on a vacation cruise. Not only do you get to meet the celebrity guests who are onboard with you, you also really get to KNOW them in the casual, intimate, relaxed atmosphere that only our limited-attendance cruise package can offer. To see our port-of-call schedule and read about our ship and the fun places we'll be visiting along the way, click here

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Our celebrity guests enjoy being able to spend the sort of quality time with you that they simply cannot at a traditional convention

Limited Attendance
No crowds or standing in line to meet and talk with your favorite science fiction star

Beautiful Ocean Cruising
What could be more enjoyable than a luxury cruise?
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Attendance is always strictly limited,
so reserve your cabin NOW!

Join us aboard Carnival Cruise Line's fantastic luxury liner, the Carnival Ecstasy. With the unique combination of celebrity guests and fun activities that we've got in store for you, our "Hurricane Who Bahamas Evacuation" cruise will surely be one of our best, and your most memorable, events ever. This, our 17th celebrity/fan vacation cruise, and the ninth to include our exclusive Onboard Creative Workshops, features great celebrity guests you know and love from Doctor Who and other great shows. Our Cruise events are based upon a limited size attendance which allows everyone to enjoy a close and personal experience with our celebrity traveling companions, something that's all but impossible to do among the ever-present crowds at your average land-based science fiction convention.

Our cruises originated over 22 years ago as an exclusively Doctor Who event, and the good Doctor & his unique universe still remains our main focus. The addition this year of our ninth special Doctor Who Creative Workshop At Sea promises to be an experience like none other, as our guests of honor share with you the ins & outs of what it takes to actually create & produce a complete short sci-fi/fantasy adventure, featuring creative insights from, and cameo performances by, our guest actors, as you enjoy the unique opportunity to co-star along side them!

"You get to MEET them at a con...
You get to KNOW them on a cruise!"

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All celebrity guest confirmations were current at the time this site was last updated, but changes may occur, so please check the web site for the most up to date info. As is the case with any fan event or convention, all celebrity appearances are subject to professional commitments, which may force unexpected changes or cancellations.

"Doctor Who" and it's characters and images are the property of BBC Worldwide. Celebrity pictures used with celebrities' permission. No infringement of any kind is intended.

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Be sure to visit our photo gallery to share some memories from some of our 16 previous voyages.

We're always happy to hear your suggestions on who we should invite on future cruises, and on how we can make them into even better events for you. Send us a quick e-mail at WhoCruiser@aol.com to tell us who and what you want for a better cruise experience!

To find out a bit more about what our cruise events are like, you might want to download a copy of Sylvester McCoy's 96 Cruise Report, a short article as told in his own words, Jack Beven's 96 Cruise Report, written by a fan who was on that same trip with Sylvester, or Diane Shea's 97 Cruise Report, written by a fan who was on the following year's voyage along with Sylvester, Mira Furlan, and Nigel Bennett. John Levene was a guest on our 1999 cruise, and you can read John's 99 Cruise Report or Zoe McAden's 99 Cruise Report, written by a fan on that same voyage along with John and fellow celebrity guests Wendy Padbury and Carrie Dobro. You can read a review of our December 2003 voyage featuring celebrity guests Nick Courtney, Wendy Padbury, Terrance Dicks, and Barry Letts and our first fan-video production workshop in Julia's Cruise Review, written by fan Julia Langston.

Don't forget our good friends at Gallifrey One...

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Special thanks on the radio publicity effort from our good friends at:

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VERY special thanks to our partners at Hurricane Who......

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...without whom this year's cruise would not be possible!

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Our thanks to Florida's Guardians Of Gallifrey fan club......

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...for guest travel assistance & sponsoring our bon voyage party

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