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About Our 2013 Ports Of Call

Part of the fun of these cruises is the adventure of going to new places and discovering new things, an experience that both the celebrities and their fans will all enjoy sharing with each other. And in our special Doctor Who Creative Workshop At Sea, you may even be able to use some of the fun things you see and discover on our travels as subject matter to include in the original adventure we'll be making together! It will be a fan-tastic voyage that you'll never forget. Check out the chart below for our complete port of call schedule.

[Our Ship The Carnival Liberty]

[Schedule Of Port Calls Graphic]

We begin our adventure on Saturday the 19th (and later end it again too) in sunny & sassy Miami Florida, long known as "The Cruise Ship Capital Of The World." You've seen it sparkle on TV over the years from Miami Vice, to CSI Miami, Burn Notice, The Glades, Magic City, and more, now experience this cosmopolitan combo of amazing beaches and trendy nightlife for yourself. With all that Miami & the surrounding South Florida area have to offer, you might want to consider planning an extra day or two before or after the cruise to take in a bit more of it.

On Sunday the 20th we'll be spending a full "Fun Day At Sea" as we watch the waves go by. Our ship, the Carnival Liberty, has tons of fun activities and entertainment options for you to try if you choose to. For those who want to be involved in the creative workshop, there will be time during the day at sea set aside for doing that. Or if you'd rather just relax and let the world go by as you watch the water for wildlife while you cruise the waves, well that's all right too.

Our first port of call on Monday the 21st is the beautiful Mexican resort island of Cozumel. Blessed with some of the best beaches and best coral reefs in the world, Cozumel is a great spot for swimming, snorkeling, scuba, and all manner of fun watersports. The bars and the shopping bargains are also legendary there, and you can even take a ferry ride to the mainland to see some of the area's excellent Mayan temples at the seaside ruins of Tulum if you like (or wait a day and do the ancient Mayan thing in Belize without a ferry trip required.)

Next up on Tuesday the 22nd we stop at Belize, where you can tour the rain forests, marvel at the native crafts, and climb the majestic Mayan temples at the archaeological sites of Xunatunich or Altun-Ha. Standing among those ancient buildings it's almost like time traveling for real.

On Wednesday the 23rd we visit the lush tropical island of Roatan in Honduras, where eco-tourism offers many unique options to explore, such as rainforest canopy zip lines, or an amazing dolphin swim encounter at the world famous Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences.

Thursday the 24th brings us to our final port call at the still so British village of Georgetown on the island of Grand Cayman, where you can visit the picturesque town of Hell and buy the T-shirts and mail home the picture postcards to your friends & family that prove you've "been to Hell & back again." You can also visit the giant sea turtle farm and adopt a hatchling to be released into the wild, and take an amazing swim & snorkle tour to the world famous Stingray City, where you can swim or stand waist deep on a sandbar as hundreds of tame & gentle stingrays swim happily around you and let you pet them & hand feed them.

Friday the 25th itís another full day at sea. Thatís when youíll really appreciate that the ship itself is as wonderous a destination as any of the places it takes us to. Carnival Cruise Lineís luxurious ship, the Carnival Liberty, is your magnificent home throughout our fan-tastic voyage. As experienced cruisers know, all the great things you can see & do aboard the ship are at least as important as where it takes you, and the Carnival Liberty always has something exciting going on. Whether you prefer lounging by the pool with the celebrity guests, soaking in a relaxing whirlpool hot tub, jogging or playing sports on deck, watching videos on your own in-room satellite and closed circuit TV, or partaking of the indoor activities at the onboard casino, lounges, nightclubs, disco, and such, you'll find that your floating first class hotel has it all! We'll also have lots of time to finish up our creative workshop project, and enjoy the intimate atmosphere of our traditional farewell gathering after the final Captain's gala dinner on our last night together at sea. Best of all are the memories you'll take home with you, and the new friendships, both with your fellow fans and with the celebrity guests, that you'll carry with you and treasure forever

Well, you've come full circle by the morning of Saturday 26 October, as we return to the Miami cruise ship docks after breakfast, when you can perhaps take a little time to see a bit more of South Florida before you head to the airport & your flight home.

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