Party With The Doctor & Friends At The Sci-Fi Museum!

Thursday Evening 6 May 2010, from 6pm - 10pm

At The Science Fiction Museum & Experience Music Project In Downtown Seattle

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[Inside The Sci-Fi Museum]


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This year's Sci-Fi Sea Cruise is sailing to Alaska with celebrity guests Slvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor) and Daphne Ashbrook (his companion Grace) but we realize that many of you simply can't make the trip with them. That's why we're holding a very special Bon Voyage Party so that you can come out to meet them the night before they set sail. And the location of our party is pretty awesome in it's own right - the world famous Science Fiction Museum & Experience Music Project in Downtown Seattle! It will be a fun and limited attendance evening where you can mix & mingle with both of our cruise guests of honor. You can get autographs from them, talk intimately about Doctor Who and the rest of their carreers, and enjoy free run of the museum as well. It's an amazing place to spend an intimate evening getting to know Sylvester & Daphne. We are expecting our friends at Public Television station KBTC, the home of Doctor Who in the Seattle - Tacoma area these many years, to be joining us with a camera crew, so before the evening is over YOU may be a TV star too. This is the first time in many years that the Pacific Northwest region has hosted a Doctor Who event, so wether your last live local encounter with a Doctor Who star was at Anglicon, or at the BBC Props Truck Tour, or at a Vancouver Who Party, or maybe never before at all, we hope to see many of you come out to meet Sylvester & Daphne and give them a sensational Seattle send off that they will remember forever.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to party with The Doctor & one of his favorite companions at the world famous Science Fiction Museum & Experience Music Project at the first ever Doctor Who event hosted there.

Our party space at the museum is limited, and memberships at the door will be $5 higher, if even still available at all, so reserve your place in advance to avoid dissappointment. To be there you need to get your name on our "E-Ticket List" and you can do that NOW by making an online payment of $30 per person to us throught the good people at PayPal. To reserve YOUR place at the party, just go to by clicking here and make your payment to our Paypal account of WHOCRUISER@AOL.COM which will reserve your spot at the party. PayPal will let you include a note to us where you can list your name and anything else you want to tell us, and it will come to us along with your confirmation of payment. For parties of more than one, you may list all names together there and make a single payment that covers the whole group at $30 per person. Canadian fans are of course welcome, but you must make the payment in US Dollars, not Canadian ones. There are no special tickets to print out or wait for in the mail, you will simply recieve an e-mail reply confirming your PayPal payment, whic you can print out as proof if you want to, and will be asked to show either that confirmation or a valid ID at the door when you arrive so we can check you off on our guest list. *** ADDED NOTE! - Someone who knows the PayPal system way better than I do has just told me that if you simply mark your payment as a gift, then PayPal will let us keep ALL of it, instead of taking out a commission that amounts to $1.17 off of each $30 payment, so please help us that little bit more by checking gift! The street address of the museum is 325 5th Ave North, Seattle, WA 98109 in case you need to map it for directions. You can find the museum's own web site by clicking here. Any questions at all? Feel free to e-mail us at WHOCRUISER@AOL.COM and we will get back to you with the answers right away. It will be an amazing evening, see you there...

Sylvester's & Daphne's friend & co-star Yee Jee Tso has just told us that he's gotten an acting job that will make it difficult if not impossible to make it down to Seattle & back, so unless that changes at the last minute, we will not be seeing him at the Bon Voyage Party after all. However, he WILL still be able to join Sylvester, Daphne, and the Cruise Members on Friday afternoon 7 May as we take our own private tour of several of the original filming locations they used in Vancouver when making their Doctor Who adventure together back in 1996. In light of this development, anyone with a paid Bon Voyage Party membership who has their own transportation (and a passport to get across the USA/Canada border!) and wants to drive along with us to meet Yee Jee and see the locations along with us is welcome to do so. Just get with me at the party and let me know, and we'll pass on the location info to you there....

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Wondering what everyone will be wishing us Bon Voyage for?... You can always check out all the info on The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise itself at our main web site page by clicking here. And if you REALLY hurry, like RIGHT NOW! - we MIGHT even still be able to get you a rush last minute room on the cruise so you can spend a whole week sailing to Alaska & back with Sylvester & Daphne...

All celebrity guest confirmations were current at the time this site was last updated, but changes may occur, so please check the web site for the most up to date info. As is the case with any fan event or convention, all celebrity appearances are subject to professional commitments, which may force unexpected changes or cancellations.