We, and our official travel agents as well, recommend that you pay with a major credit card, both to simplify the payment and/or refund process, and to give you important consumer protections that most other forms of payment do not offer. But we also realize that many people still do not use credit cards, so we have introduced the ability to now make online or by mail payments, at your own pace, toward the payment of your cruise reservations with us. When you use our easy payment plan, you will be given an account name, the PayPal account address to make your payments to us through (or the name & address to send mailed checks or money orders to if you prefer that method of payment), and a private e-mail link to be able to view a status page like the sample shown below to track your payment progress with. We will not charge you anything additional to make payments this way, but please note that any service or currency conversion fees that PayPal may assess for handling of payments will be deducted from your total. Each time you make a payment, it will be shown on a new line on your status page, and we will update your total accordingly, but it may take a few days to show up as we will be doing the updates here manually. If you'd like to participate in the pay plan, please send us an e-mail at pay4whocruise@aol.com and we will get you all started.

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