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Supporting Memberships For 2010 Only $25 or 20

Includes Our Exclusive Cruise DVDs & Autographed Program Book!

[2008 Program Book Cover]

Of course we'd love to have you join us in person, but if for some reason that is not possible for you this year, we now offer a special supporting membership package.

[Death Takes A Holiday DVD Back Cover]

[Sophie Aldred as Ace & Sylvester McCoy as The 7th Doctor]
[2008 DVD Box Cover]
[Ed Comstock as The Master & John Levene as Benton]

[The Pair O' Docs Paradox DVD Cover]

Whether you've always wanted to join us on one of our cruises but can't make it, or you've gone before but just can't make it again this year, here's the perfect answer. For only $25 (in USA funds, for shipping to North American addresses) or approximately 20 ($36 in USA Funds through PayPal, including extra postage & handling to the UK and exchange & transfer fees) you will receive by mail, shortly after the upcoming cruise concludes, a copy of that cruise's program book personally autographed by the celebrity guests in attendance. You will also recieve a copy of our exclusive DVD Video that will contain the final edited version of the original video adventure produced onboard with our celebrity guests as part of our onboard celebrity/fan video workshop. As a special FREE bonus, you will also receive, right away after ordering your supporting membership, a copy of your choice of any of our previous exclusive DVD videos. Like our December 2003 cruise, that features not only "Death Takes A Holiday", the complete 17 minute original Doctor Who fan-video adventure created as part of our onboard video workshop project, but also additional behind-the-scenes features, and over an hour of special interview programs with our celebrity guests that were created for use in Public Television fund raising drives. The interviews feature all four of our onboard guests from that year, Nick Courtney, Wendy Padbury, Barry Letts, and Terrance Dicks, in a lively roundtable discussion of both their past work on Doctor Who and their travels with us on the cruise over the previous week. The video workshop project production, "Doctor Who: Death Takes A Holiday", stars both Nick and Wendy stepping back into their familiar old roles of "The Brigadier" and "Zoe", and also features special guest appearances by Colin Baker and Frazer Hines as "The Doctor" and "Jamie", and was shot on location at authentic ancient Mayan archaeological sites in Belize and Mexico, and aboard our ship. Or you might prefer our 2004 workshop production, "The Crystal Conundrum", featuring Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor, Lisa Bowerman as Bernice Summerfield, and Frazer Hines as Jamie, with special guest star appearances by Louise Jameson as Leela, Richard Franklin as Mike Yates, and Deb Watling as Victoria, plus a hilarious blooper & gag reel as well. Or our 2005 workshop production, "A Happy Ending", featuring Carole Ann Ford as Susan, and a special guest appearance by Verity Lambert, plus a great blooper & gag reel and lots of other special DVD extras. Or perhaps you'd prefer the documentary & interview DVD "The Doctor's Day Out" which chronicles our February 2003 cruise with Peter Davison, Mary Tamm, Deborah Watling, Keith Topping, Dave McIntee, and Bob May, or our newest DVD, the 2006 workshop production, "The Pair O' Docs Paradox", featuring Nick Courtney and Stewart Bevan with special guest star appearances by Sylvester McCoy as The 7th Doctor & Jon Pertwee as The 3rd Doctor, plus another great blooper & gag reel, and more extra features, including the shot-for-PBS documentary & interview special "The Brigadier's Day Out" which covers our 2001 cruise with Nick Courtney, Lisa Bowerman, Yee Jee Tso, Gary Russell, Stephen Cole, and Simon Gerard. Choose your favorite and it's yours to enjoy right away as our way of saying thank you for your support, while you wait for your 2007 cruise DVD and program book to arrive by post after the event, by early December.

[A Happy Ending DVD Cover]

These exclusive DVDs are not for sale, but are available ONLY as a membership benefit to supporting or attending cruise members, or as a free "thank-you" gift to donors to participating Public Television stations.

[Brigadier's Day Out Cover]
[2004 Cruise DVD Cover]
[The Doctor's Day Out]

To order your supporting membership package, just CLICK ON THIS LINK for a printable order form that you can complete and return to us with your payment and your shipping information. You'll receive the FREE bonus DVD of your choice right away, so you can enjoy it now, and your DVD & signed program book from the upcoming cruise will be sent out to you after the event, as soon as the discs are finished. Your supporting membership will help to assure that these all-volunteer fan-run not-for-profit cruises continue to be held in the future, when perhaps YOU will be able to be one of the happy fans coming aboard to join us.

[2007 Euro Cruise DVD Cover (no workshop story was filmed that year, but still a fun disc...)]

[Laura Doddington, Joel Getschman & John Leeson In The Bar]
[Laura Doddington & Frazer Hines On The Beach At St Maarten]
[2009 Program Book Cover - The Creative Workshop Drama Recorded On This Voyage Is Still In The Editing Process, And Should Premiere At Hurricane Who In October 2009]

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You get to KNOW them on a cruise!"

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