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Join Sylvester McCoy On A Fan-Tastic Voyage...

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Sylvester McCoy certainly knows a good time when he sees it! That's why he's coming back for a record EIGHTH time to cruise with us again. The Seventh Doctor's Eighth Cruise - surely we're all in for some extra special magic this time. Join him as we visit some amazing places where even Sylvester has never been before. He really is one of THE most fun people to be around in all the world, a true "party animal" and we ALWAYS love having him back with us again - and you will too!

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Born in Dunoon, Scotland with the rather prodigious name of Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith, young Sylvester went on to spend much of his childhood in Dublin, Ireland. Before becoming an actor, he trained as a priest, sold insurance and acted as a bodyguard for the 'Rolling Stones'. He started his acting career as a part of the Ken Campbell Roadshow, at first using the name 'Kent Smith' before changing it first to Sylveste McCoy and then to the more familiar Sylvester. Sylvester is adept at playing both the xylophone and the spoons. He can also juggle and once gained a reputation for stuffing live ferrets down his trousers. He has been quoted as saying: "I don't relax. I sit down and contemplate all the energetic things I should do." Throughout most of 2007 Sylvester took part in a landmark globe-spanning stage tour of Shakespeare's King Lear, playing The Fool to Ian McKellen's King. More recently in the first half of 2009 he toured across the UK to critical acclaim as Mushnick in a popular revival of of the classic rock musical comedy Little Shop Of Horrors. And of course, millions of Tolkien fans the world over have been delighted with his wonderful portrayal of the character of Radagast The Brown in the current and ongoing big screen film trilogy of The Hobbit. As such a hard working actor, Sylvester is always ready for another great vacation, and we're glad to have him spend it with us once again!

"You get to MEET them at a con...
You get to KNOW them on a cruise!"

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