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The 2010 Doctor Who Creative Workshop At Sea

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Lights, camera, anguish, as we boldly go for the seventh time where no other fandom event has gone before, scripting, storyboarding, rehearsing, and recording our own amateur Doctor Who adventure during our time together at sea!

[2003 Video Workshop Production Poster]

In addition to all the fun stuff you'd expect to be doing on a cruise, two of our previous voyages included a hands-on writers' workshop, with the goal of not only learning what it takes to write a professionally published story from experienced authors who have actually done it, but to actually write our own stories, collaborating with our guest actors and using original ideas and suggestions through audience participation in the workshop sessions, with each group's story dramatically read aloud by the guest actor whose character it featured!

[2004 Cruise Program Book Cover]

This cruise will also see the sixth edition of our popular & successful follow up to the writers’ workshops, as we use the extra time that more than a full week allows us to once again take it to the next level by turning our story ideas into a complete short Doctor Who dramatic audio or video adventure. You’ll be able to learn from seasoned professionals who can share their insights & experiences with you as you learn the ins & outs of crafting an original dramatic production. With their kind permission, we even plan to allow for special performances by our celebrity guest actors. You and your fellow fans will develop and script a short story, plan out storyboards, rehearse lines (or read cue cards!), help with production, and many other important elements. On the final night of the cruise, we celebrate at our "wrap party", with copies of the full production sent out to cruise members back at home as soon as it is completely finished. As if our cruises aren't enough fun already, this added dimension makes it even more unique!

[2003 Filming View From Above]
[2003 Writers Workshop Authors Dave McIntee & Keith Topping]
[2003 Filming Nick & Wendy At Altun Ha]

[Laura Doddington, Joel Getschman & John Leeson In The Bar]
[Laura Doddington & Frazer Hines On The Beach At St Maarten]
[2009 Program Book Cover]

[2005 Filming With Carole Ann Ford]
[2005 Program Book Cover]
[2005 Filming With Carole And Her New Friend]

[2006 Filming With Nick Courtney & Stewart Bevan]
[2006 DVD Box Cover]

[Sophie Aldred as Ace & Sylvester McCoy as The 7th Doctor]
[2008 DVD Box Cover]
[Ed Comstock as The Master & John Levene as Benton]

[2004 DVD Box Cover]
[2006 Filming With Nick Courtney & Stewart Bevan]

[2005 Filming With Carole Ann Ford & John Messenger]
[2005 DVD Box Cover]
[2005 Wrap Party With Verity Lambert]

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