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Sci-Fi Sea Cruise Memory Gallery

This is the original photo gallery page from our earlier cruises, which I mostly stopped adding to after the 2001 cruise. Photos from our more recent cruises can be found in the photo gallery section at our current Yahoo Groups discussion forum, which is free to join, and you can do so using the link here:

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Below, the group photo from our 7th cruise in November 2001.

Below, the 2001 group poses in front of the main temple at the Mayan Ruins at Tulum. More pictures from the more recent cruises will be posted as I receive them from some of the fans & celebs who had still cameras, and as I digitally capture them from my own video camera footage, so watch this space...

Below, the "Doctored" group photo from our 6th cruise in October 2000.

Above -Celebrity guests on the 25th Anniversary "Doctor Who" cruise strike a pose for the camera after dinner. From left to right are: Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier), John Nathan-Turner (Producer), Agnes Verkaik (Mrs. Sylvester McCoy), Gary Downie (Production Manager), and Sylvester McCoy (The Seventh Doctor), who had such a good time that he also came back to do the 1996 and 1997 cruises. In fact, each of them enjoyed their cruise with the fans so much that they all asked to be invited back again some time to enjoy another fan-tastic voyage, as have 1993 cruise alumni Sophie Aldred (Ace), and Nicola Bryant (Peri). Every night's dinner is an occasion on these cruises, as the stars each dine with a different table of fans from night to night, in order to get to know all of you better.

The Galileo, our ship on our first cruise, way back in November 1988, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Doctor Who".

The Britanis, our ship on our second cruise in November 1993, celebrating the 30th anniversary of "Doctor Who".

The Celebration, our ship on our third cruise, in April 1996, to celebrate the Impending release of the new "Doctor Who" movie on Fox TV.

The Regal Empress, our ship on our fourth cruise in May 1997, which saw the addition of stars from "Babylon 5" and "Forever Knight" to our established tradition of "Doctor Who".

The Imagination, our ship on our fifth cruise in December 1999. At 70,000 tons and 2400 passengers, she's by far the largest one we've been on so far.

For our sixth voyage in October 2000, our ship was Holland America Line's ms Ryndam. It was our most luxurious ship yet, but, alas, was also our shortest cruise ever at only 3 nights.

Above, a lovely shot of Wendy Padbury & Simon Gerard posing on the pier at Playa del Carmen as we left for the shore trip to the Mayan pyramids at Chichen Itza in Mexico.

Left, the 1999 group photo, with Wendy Padbury, John Levene, and Carrie Dobro.

Above is a group photo from our 1997 cruise on the Regal Empress, with Sylvester McCoy (The 7th Doctor on "Doctor Who"), Mira Furlan (Ambassador Delenn on "Babylon 5"), and Nigel Bennett (The Vampire LaCroix on "Forever Knight") joined by fans at our private (and complimentary!) cocktail party in the ship's Regal Club lounge on our last night cruising together. As always on these cruises, some lasting friendships were made, and many of the actors and the fans they've come to know have continued to correspond long after bidding one another farewell.

Above is the giant pyramid at the Mayan city of Chichen Itza in Mexico, which we visited on our fourth cruise in May 1997. Those little specs of color you might be able to see are people climbing it, which all of our stars (and most of our fans) did.

At right is a view as seen from the top by the nimble camera (and the dry wit) of the photographer, none other than Sylvester McCoy himself (and those ARE his feet.)

Together inside one of the temples, Sylvester McCoy of "Doctor Who", Nigel Bennett of "Forever Knight" and California fan April Ruskin marvel at the work of the ancient Mayan Builders.

It's a long way down from the top of the largest pyramid at Chichen Itza- 91 steps- and Mira Furlan of "Babylon 5" and her husband Goran Gajic are taking them one at a time, hand in hand.

Above is a group photo from our smallest cruise, an intimate voyage to San Juan, St. Thomas, and St Maarten in April 1996 with Sylvester McCoy and his two sons Sam and Joe, and the fewer than 20 fans with whom they shared a memorable week exploring the Caribbean together.

At left, Nick Courtney, The Brigadier on "Doctor Who", on a sunny, relaxing afternoon by the pool.

Below, we see Nick on a somewhat more active afternoon, as he takes in the view from atop yet another pyramid along with Florida fan Gail Bennett, this time at the Mayan ruins of Tulum.

Above left, Mira Furlan stops to talk to a little Mexican girl selling trinkets in Playa del Carmen.

Above center, Mira And her husband Goran browse through the T-shirts & handicrafts in a local Mexican souvenier shop in Playa del Carmen.

Above right, Mira and Goran relax on the deck of a ferry as the group is shuttled back to meet the ship at Cozumel.

Above is a group photo from our first cruise in November 1988 with Sylvester McCoy, Nick Courtney, John Nathan-Turner, and Gary Downie. After all these years, a few of the fans from that original voyage tell me that they still exchange Christmas cards with stars they came to know over those 5 days spent traveling together.

At left, Sophie Aldred (Ace on "Doctor Who") has some fun competing in some of the ship's poolside games.

At right, she's all smiles showing off the medal she won!

Above, Sylvester McCoy leads fans Dawn Hubbard of Georgia and Lyn Martin of Kentucky on a fun filled (and WET) climb at the world famous Dunns River Falls in Jamaica on the second segment of our 1997 cruise.

Also enjoying a splash in the sun is Sophie Aldred, above, spending a day at the beach on Nassau in the Bahamas.

Above, Sophie Aldred of "Doctor Who" and Chicago fan Linda Jenkins come in from a refreshing dip in the Caribbean during a lazy day together at the beach on the island of Nassau in the Bahamas on our second cruise in 1993.

While jewelery shopping in Cozumel, Mexico with a group of fans, Nigel Bennett is recognized by the local shopkeeper. "'Forever Knight'- we watch you every day on channel 5" he says, as Nigel gladly signs an autograph.

After sharing a delicious meal together, along with some fascinating conversation, California fan Judith Emick-Leatherwood is happy to be surrounded after dinner by Nigel Bennett on the left and Sylvester McCoy on the right.

As a conga line of happily dancing waiters parades across the dining room, Sophie Aldred is just one of many who can't resist the urge to join them. You just can't help having fun on these trips!

Above, Nicola Bryant, Peri on "Doctor Who", stops to take in the scenery of the Mayan Ruins at Tulum along with her Producer, John Nathan-Turner, and fan Tony Pressley. Our farthest-flung fan that year, Tony traveled all the way from England to join us on two of our voyages.

As a trio of singing Mexican waiters seranades the dining room with their version of "La Bamba", the irrepressible Sylvester McCoy suddenly jumps in to accompany them on the spoons, while Nick Courtney looks on with amusement.

At left is the front cover of the souvenier program book from our 1996 cruise, which was done as a benefit for South Florida Public TV station WXEL, who not only received a modest donation from the cruise proceeds, but also got to have Sylvester McCoy do a live studio fund drive, bringing in thousands of dollars in membership pledges.

Below, 1988 cruise guests Sylvester McCoy and John Nathan-Turner raise their glasses along with fans Gloria Nostro of Buffalo and Donna Lang of Minneapolis as they join the ship's Captain in singing a few verses of "Auld Lang Syne" after their final dinner together.

"You get to MEET them at a con...
You get to KNOW them on a cruise!"

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PHOTO CREDITS: Professionally posed group photos by respective ship's photography department. 1997 group photo by Sylvester McCoy using his camera's remote control. Most individual photos by Barry Rosenfeld. "Sylvester's Feet" by Sylvester McCoy. "Wendy & Simon in Mexico" by Simon Gerard. Video screen captures by Dan Harris from his own video footage. "Britanis" by Fantasy Cruises. "Celebration" and "Imagination" by Carnival Cruise Lines. "Regal Empress" by Regal Cruises. "Ryndam" by Holland America Line. "Doctor Who" (1996) publicity photo on program book by Fox TV, Jim Lederer photographer, permission granted for use at time of original publication.

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