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Great Space Links!

starting with the greatest space interest group in the world

The Planetary Society  The largest space interest group in the world with 100,000 members in over 100 countries, founded in 1980 by
Drs. Carl Sagan, Bruce Murray and Louis Friedman.  TPS is a non-profit organization, committed to further the exploration of our solar system and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Our extensive web site will tell you about all our projects, all the latest space news, an extensive resource center and more.  Join us - we make things happen!
Carl Sagan Memorial Web Site  The Planetary Society's co-founder and past president, we miss him dearly.


Current Exploration


Cassini Mission has arrived at Saturn to reveal more wonders of the ringed planet, plus a probe to explore Titan!
Chandra X-ray Observatory
CHIPS  Cosmic Hot Interstellar Plasma Spectrometer
Constellation Ares and Orion, NASA returns to the Moon with launch capability to go on to Mars.
Cosmos 1 The first solar sail! Though the first suffered launch failure, we will try again!
Deep Impact This spacecraft crashed into Comet Tempel 1!
Deep Space 1 The first of NASA's New Millennium Program missions.
Galileo Explore the moons of Jupiter - frozen oceans on Europa and more!
Genesis Chute did not deploy on reentry, cratered out Sept. 8, 04 - hope that the science of the solar wind is salvageable!
Hubble Space Telescope Latest news and views - don't miss Hubble's Greatest Hits image gallery!
Hubble Space Telescope: New Views of the Universe Fantastic companion web site to their traveling exhibit.
IBEX Interstellar Boundary Explorer
Kepler Mission  NASA's first mission capable of finding Earth sized and smaller planets!
Lunar Prospector We have returned to the moon! Extensive site with daily updates!
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter We are returning to the moon! This orbiter will gather valued data for human missions.
Messenger  MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry and Ranging.
Missions to MARS! You'll find all NASA Mars Missions here!
Mars MER Rovers - Spirit and Opportunity 5 years and still sending great science home!
Mars Pathfinder  Earth invaded Mars July 4, 1997 and returned a wealth of images and data! Grab your 3D glasses for this site!
NEAR Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous - The FIRST spacecraft to land on an asteroid!.
NEAT Near Earth Asteroid Tracking.  Over 100,00 have been detected since Ceres in 1801.
New Horizons finally on to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt! Great discoveries await!
Project Phoenix The Phoenix spacecraft successfully landed May 25, 2008 at Mars polar cap for permafrost testing!
SOHO Home page of the SOHO Solar Explorer
Space Shuttle and the International Space Station all the latest news and information.
Space Station Astronauts Home Page get to know the astronauts aboard and visiting the space station!

Spitzer Space Telescope open your eyes to amazing views of our universe, incredible photo galleries!

Star Dust First sample and return mission to a comet -  Comet Wild. It has traveled 2.88 billion miles, making three laps around the sun, also winning a new record for the furthest distance from the sun ever traveled by a solar powered spacecraft! If you'd like to help analyze the data via your computer - see the Opportunities section below!
Ulysses Home page of the Ulysses Solar Probe
Click here for more info on current, past and planned missions
Click here for a listing of all space missions, past, present and under development


The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and Other Worlds

SETI   Learn about the Planetary Society's SETI Projects!
OSETI  Optical SETI and other great links for more brilliant work from the Paul Horowitz Group.
SETI@home Find out how your computer can help process signals while you're away!
SETI Institute saved the government's SETI program from the ashes when cut from the budget - Project Phoenix.
SERENDIP Search for Extraterrestrial Radio Emissions from Nearby Developed Intelligent Populations
Searching for Extrasolar Planets Marcy and Butler's planet search web site at SFSU
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia As technology improves, more and more planets are being discovered orbiting other stars!
Past Life on Mars?  A possible fossil has been discovered in a meteorite from Mars!
Feb. 26, 2001 Mars Fossil Press Release An international team of scientists indeed believe the fossil to be biological in origin!



A 'novel' movie first!

I have launched the author, cast and crew

of Twilight to the Moon and Sun!

Read the article on MTV here!

Join the Planetary Society at a special discount rate as part of our Astronomy Day celebrations! Get $10 off your membership price PLUS a FREE Nebula Poster! See web page for details and be sure to enter the special code ASTR08 (that's a zero for the year 08). Your dues will 'Make Things Happen!' - we fund scientific research where government fails, such as SETI, OSETI, near earth asteroid searches, the search for planets around other stars (over 220 discovered so far!), our own privately funded space missions, offer Planetary Radio, public outreach and SO much MORE! Be a part of something that makes a difference!

NASA INVITES STUDENTS TO NAME NEW MARS ROVER open to students 5 to 18 years of age, prizes awarded by Disney! Enter by Jan. 25, 09.

A COMET IS COMING IN FEBRUARY! Comet Lulin (C/2007 N3), discovered in 2007 by a collaborative team of Taiwanese and Chinese astronomers, is swinging around the sun and approaching Earth. The photogenic comet has a bright tail and an "anti-tail" visible in mid-sized backyard telescopes.  At closest approach in February, Comet Lulin is expected to brighten to naked-eye visibility. Visit Spaceweather by clicking the headline for sky maps, pictures and more information!


Amateur Astronomers Wanted! If you can hunt supernova or neutrinos - your help is needed!
Mars Scientists Need Your Help! They are gathering a library of rocks from all over the world to compare to the rocks on Mars that Spirit and Opportunity examine! Receive a Certificate of Participation and watch their web page for how your rock compares!


Request a free copy of NASA's SpinOff   available annually via CD or hard copy.
Stardust@Home Keen eyed computer users will be needed to help analyze the cometary material returned by the Stardust spacecraft! Researchers will start posting the 1.5 million microscopic images in March, requiring an estimated 30,000 hours to properly scrutinize them four times over. Your help is needed but only the serious need apply!
SETI@home Find out how your computer can help process signals while you're away!
Get your SETI@HOME Participation Certificate  Your efforts are greatly appreciated! 
Watch the Int'l Space Station Fly Over! Find times for sightings and orbital path info. Wave to the astronauts! 
Meteor Showers! Coming soon to a sky near you! 
Sign up for SpaceWeather  Bulletins!  Aurora, meteor showers, solar activity, satellites crashing to earth - receive email alerts!
Drive the Rovers and Explore Mars! SUPERB NASA 3D site, drive the rovers, see pictures and info on examined features!
Drive on Mars! Take a real time 3D ride on Mars and explore Mars - virtually!
Did you send your name to Mars?  You may look up your name and view your certificate of participation here. 
Did you send your name to Comet Tempel 1? Look up and view your certificate of participation.
Did you send your name on the Stardust Spacecraft? Congratulations on visiting a comet! Find your name here.

Space Agencies and News


NASA  over 6000 web pages - it's a good start for info and links.
NASA HQ NASA Headquarters
NASA Astronaut Biographies Astronaut biographies and fact sheets.
Viewing Launches Onsite AT NASA Be there! Info for NASA passes and the best viewing tips for locations nearby!    
Viewing Launches OFFSITE - the best locations! Launches can be seen over a vast area, look here for the best viewing locations!
Deep Space Network the international network of antennas that support interplanetary spacecraft missions.


Ames Research Center JPL - Jet Propulsion Lab Lewis Research Center
Dryden Flight Research Johnson Space Center Lunar/Planetary Institute
Goddard Space Flight Center Kennedy Space Center Marshall Space Flight
Hubble Space Telescope Langley Research Center Stennis Space Center

NASA TV watch now, broadcast on the internet
NASA Today  NASA's science and technology newsletter - updated daily.
Science Daily All science news, updated every 15 minutes
Space Central Latest space news including Real Player clips from the Houston Chronicle.
Space.com Space-online - space news updated daily!
Universe Today Space exploration news from around the internet.

Argentina Space Research Indian Space Research Spanish Space Agency
Australian Space Research International Space Station  Swedish Space Corporation
Austrian Space Agency Israel Space Taiwan Space Program
Brazil - Nat'l Center for Space Research Italian Space Agency United Nations Office of Space Affairs
British National Space Center Japan - NASDA  
Canadian Space Agency Netherlands  
Danish Space Research Norwegian Space Agency  
European Space Agency - ESA   Polish Space Research Center List of other International Space Agencies
France - CNES Russian Space Research  
German Aerospace Research Russian Space Science  

Explore Our Solar System

Comets and Asteroids Photo galleries, FAQs, current and future missions and more!
GeoVigil a free map program to view NASA's PDS format! Explore Venus, Earth, our moon and Mars in amazing detail!
Power of Ten - Ray Eames the original and incredible - take a journey of incredible proportions!
Powers of Ten A must see and do! This interactive web site allows users to explore the power of ten, smaller and larger!                                                                                                                                 
Remote Sensing Data and Info  Excellent resource for earth imaging, space science and hundreds of links.
SEDS  A great site by the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, do the Solar System tour!
A Byte about Mars, Phobos and Deimos excellent site with a wealth of info on Mars and it's moons.
The Solar System Absolutely exceptional site with everything you want to know about our Solar System with glorious photographs.
Space Day  NASA's Space Day celebration info along with  data and great interactive adventures for kids
The Planetary Society Learning Center A must explore, planets, propulsion and more.  Info and activities!


Abrams Planetarium Sky Calendar Great resource for sky gazers! Find out what's visible and where!
Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston A great group with a super site
Astronomy Basics from Sky & Telescope magazine, explore their whole site!
Astronomy Picture of the Day Always gorgeous, make it a daily ritual!
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Fostering the exchange of information between amateurs and professionals since 1889.
Bad Astronomy Get the facts, debunk the myths! Thank you to astronomer Phil Plait for this site!
Clay Center Observatory This is where you'll find us Astronomy Day! View their web site for Open House Observatory nights, summer programs and so much more!
Deep Sky Astrophotography  Fantastic images and professional astrophotography information
Lynette Cook's Space Art Stunning images extrapolated from real data of yet unseen worlds and more.
Meteor Showers! Coming soon to a sky near you!
Satellite Watching  Check the GSOC Satellite Visibility site for when you'll see satellites, the shuttle or new space station overhead!
Sky Maps! Beautiful sky charts downloadable monthly in PDF format with all the info you need for what to look for in the night sky!
SKY & TELESCOPE Superb site with a wealth of info, astronomy articles, links and photographs
Spaceweather Excellent resource for anyone who looks up - sign up for their newsletters!
Stargazer Steve Reflecting telescopes that give you more of the sky for less.
Stellafane  Annual amateur telescope makers convention in historic Springfield, VT
You Can Do Astronomy Touch the Stars, Touch the Universe! Noreen Grice brings astronomy to the visually impaired.
Zoom Astronomy for Kids Enchanted Learning not only has the BEST dinosaur web site for kids, but the best space site, K-6.



Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Photo and Video Archive preflight, launch and landing activities conducted at KSC for Space Shuttle Missions.
Kennedy Space Center Multimedia Gallery complete photo and video archive of the space shuttle, ISS, expendable launches, KSC etc.
Mars Photo Archive Official Mars photo archive of all Mars missions to date.
NASA Historical Archives  Mercury, Apollo, Gemini - it's all here and more with lots of fantastic pictures!
NASA History Office Topical index A to Z.
Shuttle Mission Archives photos and a wealth of information for each mission
Voyager  Launched in 1977, they provided us with a breath-taking grand tour of our solar system! 


Kids and Teachers,

Visit Gina's Space Resource Section!


Educator's Resource Section Invent an Alien, space related activities, arts, crafts and lots of ideas for introducing space to your classroom!
Space Sing Along Songs Space related songs to popular music that make learning about our solar system fun!
Other Educator Resource Links I surfed the net to find the best links for resources and materials for your classroom!


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