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Invent an Alien – The Best Fun Ever!
When I do my Exploring Space Program, the kids make their aliens at home and bring them in to the library, where they are put on display with the month long exhibit.  But, it can be just as much fun, impromptu, in the classroom!  Their minds blossom to the wonder and excitement of space. What would inhabitants of other worlds look like? Supply a wealth of recyclables and odds and ends for their imaginations to go wild. Everything from plastic bottles and cans, egg cartons, boxes, paper roll tubes, bottle caps and more. Tin foil is a must, pipe cleaners, construction paper, paints and markers and play-dough, even old socks! Tin and paper plates, cups, straws and plastic ware, anything! Buttons, yarn or string, grab everything! Dental floss containers make great back packs! Be sure to have scissors, glue and tape on hand, then stand back as denizens of far flung galactic empires are born!
Have a ‘Show and Tell’ for each child to talk about their creation
Be prepared to join them on a journey of imagination! Their ideas will span the greatest of science fiction and fun, stories of where their aliens live, who their friends and enemies are, how they communicate, travel and more. I’ve heard cutting edge theoretical physics – from 8 years olds! Fears and hope for the future, wonder and critical thinking sublime will be expressed.  Don’t overlook the artistic talent expressed in their 3D manifestations! The kids will be teaching you many things during this activity and open doors for you to help them explore the wonders – and mysteries – of our universe!
For information on The Planetary Society’s SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) programs,  click here

Space Arts and Crafts
Spacescapes – Cut moons, stars, comets, ringed planets, spirals, rockets and more from fluorescent construction paper. Let the kids glue them to black construction paper, every one is guaranteed to be a gorgeous work of art!

Paper cup Rockets – Provide regular paper cups for the rocket, and the cone kind from the water cooler for the nose cone! Let the kids color them and prepare for lift off!

Space Mobile – Supply hangers, string and cardboard for the kids to cut out whatever space shapes they like – suns, comets, ringed planets, rockets, stars – color and tie them on! Always gorgeous!

Visit NASA's Space Place for more fun things to make!

The Planetary Society Learning Center has a variety of info and fun activities for kids.

Arts and Crafts with Paper Plates
Get the cheap, plain white, preferably unwaxed paper plates and watch the fun begin!
Alien Masks – Cut out the eyes, hole punch the sides and tie yarn so they’re ready to wear. Provide crayons, markers and assorted craft materials and they’ll dive right in! Soon you won’t recognize any of the kids! They leap right up and begin role-playing – it’s great fun!

Flying Saucers – glue two paper plates together and let the kids design their own spacecraft – it’s amazing how many draw propulsion systems on the bottom without prompting! Be prepared to duck and expect a few crashed landings!

Comets  – punch 6 or 7 holes on one side of the plate and supply the kids with markers, glitter and crepe streamers , yarn or string. They’ll be flying them in orbits in no time! The comets will make beautiful wall decorations too!

Wind Suns - cut the edges of the paper plate to make 'rays', let the kids decorate the face however they wish, tape on some long, colorful streamers and they'll look great hanging on anyone's porch! Moons and planets look super too!

The Solar System - assign each child a part: the sun, a planet or moon, comet or asteroid and let them draw it on their plate. When done, set them in motion - kids just love to orbit!

Build a Model Spacecraft!
Download and print the patterns with instructions!
 Mars Pathfinder  – be nice to have the kids do a mock Martian terrain as well for a great diorama!
 Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft  Cassini explores Saturn, choose from an easy or advanced model to build. Build Saturn too!
Dozens of NASA Models You Can Build! WoW! The shuttle, planetary spacecraft, satellites, they're all here!

Build a Model Cosmos 1 Solar Sail - the first solar sail! It will be launched in the fall of 2004!

Build a Rocket and Launch It! Easy and fun, powered by antacid tablets!

Build a Model Solar System!
  Solar System Model  Scaled down to fit in an average school hall way, 180 feet long. Great class project!

Awesome Demonstrations!

 Make a Comet!  Yes, you can! Follow the link for the recipe!
 Comet Making with Visual Aids Watch as a young girl creates a comet for her classroom!
 Make Impact Craters!  Throwing rocks was never so much fun - or educational!

Bring Mars into Your Classroom!
 Red Rover, Red Rover  from the Planetary Society - we're going to Mars!

Space Coloring Pages you can print out!
Space Shuttle, a great Solar System, Space Suit and more!
 Mercury, Gemini, Apollo missions and more!

Space and Beyond, Rockets and Airplanes, Projects and Games, Pioneers and Astronauts
  NASAkids by Liftoff to Exploration is a fantastic site with LOTS to do!

Space ABC’s
It’s fun to let the kids come up with something for each letter, look at the great job the kids at the  Buckman School  did!

Space Story Time
There are so many wonderful space story books for children! Visit the local library and do a space theme story time for your kids!  If your library has a Parent-Teacher section – you may be able to find a Space Science bag of goodies to bring back too!

Space Sing along Songs
Great fun for the classroom or Astronomy Day event!
 Click here  - I've written several you can use!

Space Word Finds and Puzzles!
Create your own with this super easy to use web site from Discovery School!
Follow the 'Teacher' links for complete lesson plans on a wealth of subjects!

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