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Hooked on Twilight???

MTV Don't miss Twilight Tuesday's on MTV!

Stephenie Meyer.com  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! Look for outtakes and extras in each section! Bring on Midnight Sun!

TwilightMoms one of many great websites out there dedicated to Twilight, this is where I look for the latest news and views!

Amazon Books, DVD's, CD's and more.

Answers.com Excellent for homework - references only online encyclopedias!
Barnes and Noble Books and DVD's, often less than Amazon with frequent free shipping making it a better deal!
Babelfish online translation tool, English to several languages then other languages back to English!
Big Yellow Phone company charges dearly now to look up phone numbers, do it yourself for free on big yellow!
BlueMountain Greeting Cards  Send animated electronic greeting cards, now charging a fee.
Chase Flight Tracker check whereabouts and stats for international flights.
Craig's List free classifieds in most every major US city!
Darwin Awards You've got to laugh!
DISNEY Our favorite playground on earth! Add a trip over to NASA for a launch and life doesn't get any better than that!
DISNEY - Deb Will's Unofficial WDW Guide Excellent insider tips and reviews, park and resort info, menus, everything!
Disney Dollarless a fast growing group with great ideas for saving and stretching dollars at Disney!
Disney World Entertainment Schedule excellent up to date fan resource site.
Disney 360 degrees! your favorite spot will be here, take a spin!
Digital Disney one of the biggest Disney multimedia sites on the net - audio, video and more!
Ebay    millions of items for the bidding - the greatest auction in cyberspace!
Edeal Info all the bargains on the net, every day - including coupon codes! Check before you buy anything!
Flight Explorer one more flight tracker!
Google the only search engine worth using, grab their combo toolbar and pop up killer for your browser.
Hallmark electronic greeting cards The best on the net and they're free!
Internet Movie Data Base info on every movie, actors, bio's etc.
MapBlast I use both MapBlast and MapQuest below for finding my way everywhere!
MapQuest  An essential for trip planning!
NameZero best price I have seen for your own domain name.
One Suite - Long Distance for 2.5 cents per minute! Any time from One-Suite! No monthly fee and low overseas rates too!
Orbitz best travel deals on the net!
Oriental Trading Post planning a party? The best prices on bulk party goods and novelties - great craft stuff too!
PayPal a must for ebay and internet purchases.
PeaPod  Stop and Shop delivers groceries right to your kitchen - I love it!
Reverse Look Up Find an address by telephone number or search by address to find residents.
Sales Circular forget the weekly fliers - they're all here!
Switchboard Use this or Big Yellow to look up anyone's telephone number or address.
Two Guys Fossils Top supplier of museum quality fossils, reproductions, posters and models at reasonable prices.
Vonage if you're on a high speed connection, this is the cheapest phone service you will find!
World Clock - Time Zones local time for major cities all over the world


Internet Essentials


Speakeasy Speed Test Check your up and down speeds 
Sitemeter free counter for your web page
Who Is - Domain Look Up check who owns any domain name.
IP Look Up handy tool!
HouseCall  free online virus scan from Trend Micro.
AdAware free tool to get all the spyware out of your machine, run it once a week!
Sygate free personal firewall, download here or from Tucows - know not only what's coming in - but what's phoning home!
Tucows excellent download site for freeware, shareware and free trials of 100s of 1000s of software titles!
ICQ an indispensible tool for instant communication, chat boards, file transfers and more with your friends online
Trillian IM friends on more than one IM? Bridge ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and IRC all in one IM.
Skype free internet telephone! Peer to peer or conference up to 5 people!
Eyeball easy peer to peer video chat!
VRMeetings amazingly easy video conferencing and full desktop collaboration.

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IMVU  where I love to create space places! Free to join, fully customizable avatars and spaces with over 2 million products in the catalog to choose from! Visit my page and explore this 3D text chat client!


There Well done customizable full body avatar worlds, free membership text chat, join for $9.99 for voice chat. Take a walk, drive a car, fly a dragon, buy a new wardrobe or a house! Great fun meeting folks from all over the world. Jenna taking a stroll through one of the many There neighborhoods.

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