Sub-Yardage Spot Target Generator

Do You..... -Shoot spot targets?
-Train at home at less than the standard distance?
-Want exactly the correct sight picture?

Good news! If you have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can generate NFAA 5 spot targets, NFAA/FITA 3 spot targets, their single face equivelants or 60cm FITA singe faces properly scaled for any distance less than or equal to the standard distance. Also, 80cm FITA and 122 cm FITA targets have been added with a slightly different scaling choice (since they are shot at multiple yardages.) In addition to providing the proper sight picture, with the entry of your arrow diameter, dashed scoring lines are drawn so you can establish exactly what your score would be shooting standard targets at the correct yardage. Targets are generated to be printed on standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper.

Right click here and choose Save Target as.... to download the macros!

A few things to note: To use the macros, first save the file by clicking as noted above.
Start PowerPoint and read in the file scaled_targets.ppt
Follow the directions on the slide to generate the target of your choosing.
I've had a few folks who have had their PowerPoint security level set to high and this prevents the macros from being enabled. I recommend setting the security level to medium as that setting looks at the macro author and compares it against your trusted list but unlike the high level which disables the macros if the authors don't appear, PowerPoint asks if you'd like to enable or disable the macros.

To check/set the security level, start PowerPoint, click on Tools->Macro->Security and choose Medium, OK. Close PowerPoint and then restart it. Read in the scaled_targets file and when PowerPoint asks, Enable the macros.

Questions or comments, drop me a line.

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