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well. my brain has been workin overtime deciding on a course for retirement.{mind you at 41 its not an emergency but I hate getting up and going to work so,}I looked into what could get me out of the loop early, say 56-58 thing for sure , bye-bye connecticut and all the taxes, high energy bills that go along with it! two. I don't like the all! so its gotta be south! living via travel trailer skipping around the south would be incredibly cheap, but choice number two is sounding better, a small house in the dominican republic.Now for all you u.s of a. folks who have never  taken in a different culture this might sound scary..Boo! not really, been there done that..nice people cheap living my kind of climate..ya petty theft, but far safer than the big cities of here.. and you could retire there on a walmart paycheck! mexico is another option but will have to see if they can quell the violence from the drug wars,but its mostly in the border towns and folks ya don't want to move there even without shootings! lots of sleepy towns on the pacific coast with lots of folks from the states retired there, mazatlan is one that comes to mind...and three. the one thats making me research it more and more, living aboard a sailboat...a good bluewater boat can be had for not a lot of cash,you can island hop to your hearts content in the carribean, anchor out and pay nadda cant' spend money when at sea, put it up on land for little money in the summer months in trinidad and fly home and share the pics with your working friends..think it costs a fortune ? check out these people got it going on! anywho remember plan ahead, and drop out of the rat race early, Ilove this old house of mine and all, but not enough to stay here in retirement.....

slaves to the yard

well its such a nice sunny and warm day today, unusual for this time of year...and while traveling around town with the top down i see the homeowners raking away getting the lawn ready for another year of mines greener than yours! really now people, the only time you need that yard to look like the cover of good housekeeping is when the for sale sign is planted in your front yard! come on! they will deny it, but their trying to impress the neighbors, life is short! grab a book or a magazine, a beverage of choice and sit out under that warm sun and put your feet up, put the top down  and go for a burger, go to the airport and watch the planes, anything! if you get your only true joy from having a green weed free lawn why not work at a golf course where your attention to detail will make sense! now if you have a flower garden or vegetable garden and consider that your "hobby" then you are doing this for yourself, not the people living on your block, and you are exempt from my above rant!

a trip to the store

usually, i wind my way through the maze of aisles at the supermarket as if i were trying to beat the clock and win the big prize, i go with list in hand, made out in order of the aisles themselves, i shop the same store and know where everything is on the i went to pick up something for dinner, but had no plan, bad idea, it would take longer to gather supplies...but on my meandering deciding what to cook i ran into a childhood friend ..we grew up together on the same street...her two brothers and i were always out doing something...spending those ten minutes catching up on our lives was such a nice look back into the memory bank....things that havnt been thought of for 20 or 30 years , time does pass quicker with each passing year....stop and look around every once in a while, if you don't you might miss something or someone......

once again I'm browsing the listings online, and low and behold a queen anne victorian that i had gone through during the holidays as part of a fundraiser is for sale! oh, it is massive..3700 sq feet, maids room on third floor...even an elevator installed in the 30's! but does one pull the trigger and make the attempt? the price is right , the condition of the house is right...but taxes, heating costs would be more than we're used to..we certainly live well under our is easy...we do as we please for the most part...this would curtail certain activities{flying lessons..classic cars..etc}but one does only live once and if not now....? as one gets older they say they get wiser, but perhaps we just step back from risks or taking chances..or stepping out of our comfort zones...perhaps its fear of change...or is it the knowledge of the work and cost of maintaining such a home...i'm sure i'll ponder this and view the pics of the home and even go to the open house...but in the end i'll probably retreat to the safety and comfort of something known...i admire the people who gamble the future and spend on their dreams far beyond what most of us consider i say.. there is no reset button on life....

bad economy?

 i know that a lot of folks are out of work, and the media sings the sorrows of big business not sucking in the profits that they are used to..but...have you guys driven past yout local mall lately? I did on sunday, you had to park waaaay out just to get a spot...resturants? go on a friday night...get ready to sit at the bar and have a few while waiting for a table...stopped in to check out a large hunting/outdoor type store in our area...the place was crawling with people wearing camo from nose to toes and were standing in line buying must have hunting and fishing gear! no shortage of customers...ya i know people are hurting, and some businesses are having troubles...but it makes me wonder how many are singing the blues so they can beat their employees out of pay and benefits....all in the name of padding the profit margins...............

the weather

want to free up your mind and your ever so valuable time?? don't watch the weatherman!! go to the weather channel and watch the ticker at the bottom of the screen{with the volume turned off! or go online and gather the info you need and then get on with you day! why watch all the dramatics and weather predictions that are wrong so often that its like buying a scratch off lottery ticket, an occasional winner that lets us forget all the losers !!

ever notice how everyone wants to help you with your money? why do i rate? suzi orman never even sends me a birthday card, charles shwab never calls at christmas. basically theres two paths to go down towards retirement. heres the first one, scrape, scrimp and squirrel your money into all these funds they say you can't live without. after all they say when you retire you will have amassed xxxxxxx$! wow! but first you have to live that long, and sorry but some of us won't make it, don't believe me? well go buy a news paper and read the obituaries, I'll wait....see? people of all ages end up going before they "thought they would"! now lets not forget that the economy when it goes down usually strips the wealth of the common folk the most, hey thats you and me! so your still alive and you have your money, one more thing, are you still healthy enough to do all those things you said you would do that were prefixed by the phrase "when i retire"? remember , for every person you see interviewed on the news who at a ripe old age is still waterskiing, flying his own plane, racing cars,mountain climbing etc, I'll show you more people than we could count who can't get around an many of them are just like you who believed they would be healthy and would do all those great things when they were done with working! but hey suzi orman would be proud of you! now heres my plan, when i wake up, its a gift, you never know if you'll ever see another morning, so get up, look at the sky,go to work make some money and spend a good portion on adventures and to exotic places, see the natural wonders, restore an old car, take sailing lessons, fly a plane, build an english garden, whatever! do it now while your able and alive! there is no reset button! once on this blue orb and after that, { if you believe in life ever after with angels with harps and all that you probably are also convinced your going to be healthy to a ripe old age too! optimism!}but what are the bad things to my plan? well , your not going to have a deep well of cash, if you live long enough! and your probably going to downsize your living{which is it really bad to sell your big house , move into a smaller house for less money in an area of the country with less taxes, and is having less later in life really all that bad? who wants to keep all of it up?}besides my idea of fun if i live that long will be to sit on a bar stool and listen to some other retirees stories while telling my long as i dont sit next to someone who starts off with "when i retire"!

I used to spend alot of time reading, watching, and being bothered by local,state and world affairs..not any more. I now breeze through the local and state news online in under 5 minutes a day! thats right, five! why get worked up over an issue which you can't change, if you don't have gobs of money and are well known in your community then you hold no power, and you will not change the course of history.{now if you read something that truly shakes you to the core, walk outside..are all your neighbors standing on their lawns in the direction of town hall and giving the middle finger in unison? if not, sorry to say ,your gonna be fighting the tide so to speak, alone. if you can't live with something being done local, sell the house and move!}. heres what I did to free up my mind and alot of time! first breeze your local paper online, just the headlines, and I mean just the headlines, not the actual article! that way you know what everyone is complaining about at the local watering hole! {please don't watch your local newscast, they inject so much drama into rather mundane subjects its not worth your time. now for the national and world news catch the bbc world news{usually found on pbs}you'll end up with an unbiased overview of whats happening in our country and zip, bang , under five minutes and their off to the next country{one of the neat things of the bbc world news is that they actually show news in the whole world, not just areas of political interest for the united states!}and thats it, no political talk shows, no meet the press, no cnn, fox etc. you might feel a little disconnected at first but after about four weeks you won't even notice or miss it

random thoughts

lets get started! Its time to place the results of my work, the stories from my travels and experiences, and my thoughts on life onto the web!