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more thoughts on retirement

well. my brain has been workin overtime deciding on a course for retirement.{mind you at 41 its not an emergency but I hate getting up and going to work so,}I looked into what could get me out of the loop early, say 56-58 thing for sure , bye-bye connecticut and all the taxes, high energy bills that go along with it! two. I don't like the all! so its gotta be south! living via travel trailer skipping around the south would be incredibly cheap, but choice number two is sounding better, a small house in the dominican republic.Now for all you u.s of a. folks who have never  taken in a different culture this might sound scary..Boo! not really, been there done that..nice people cheap living my kind of climate..ya petty theft, but far safer than the big cities of here.. and you could retire there on a walmart paycheck! mexico is another option but will have to see if they can quell the violence from the drug wars,but its mostly in the border towns and folks ya don't want to move there even without shootings! lots of sleepy towns on the pacific coast with lots of folks from the states retired there, mazatlan is one that comes to mind...and three. the one thats making me research it more and more, living aboard a sailboat...a good bluewater boat can be had for not a lot of cash,you can island hop to your hearts content in the carribean, anchor out and pay nadda cant' spend money when at sea, put it up on land for little money in the summer months in trinidad and fly home and share the pics with your working friends..think it costs a fortune ? check out these people got it going on! anywho remember plan ahead, and drop out of the rat race early, Ilove this old house of mine and all, but not enough to stay here in retirement.....

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