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stop taking the news so serious

I used to spend alot of time reading, watching, and being bothered by local,state and world affairs..not any more. I now breeze through the local and state news online in under 5 minutes a day! thats right, five! why get worked up over an issue which you can't change, if you don't have gobs of money and are well known in your community then you hold no power, and you will not change the course of history.{now if you read something that truly shakes you to the core, walk outside..are all your neighbors standing on their lawns in the direction of town hall and giving the middle finger in unison? if not, sorry to say ,your gonna be fighting the tide so to speak, alone. if you can't live with something being done local, sell the house and move!}. heres what I did to free up my mind and alot of time! first breeze your local paper online, just the headlines, and I mean just the headlines, not the actual article! that way you know what everyone is complaining about at the local watering hole! {please don't watch your local newscast, they inject so much drama into rather mundane subjects its not worth your time. now for the national and world news catch the bbc world news{usually found on pbs}you'll end up with an unbiased overview of whats happening in our country and zip, bang , under five minutes and their off to the next country{one of the neat things of the bbc world news is that they actually show news in the whole world, not just areas of political interest for the united states!}and thats it, no political talk shows, no meet the press, no cnn, fox etc. you might feel a little disconnected at first but after about four weeks you won't even notice or miss it

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