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thoughts on retirement

ever notice how everyone wants to help you with your money? why do i rate? suzi orman never even sends me a birthday card, charles shwab never calls at christmas. basically theres two paths to go down towards retirement. heres the first one, scrape, scrimp and squirrel your money into all these funds they say you can't live without. after all they say when you retire you will have amassed xxxxxxx$! wow! but first you have to live that long, and sorry but some of us won't make it, don't believe me? well go buy a news paper and read the obituaries, I'll wait....see? people of all ages end up going before they "thought they would"! now lets not forget that the economy when it goes down usually strips the wealth of the common folk the most, hey thats you and me! so your still alive and you have your money, one more thing, are you still healthy enough to do all those things you said you would do that were prefixed by the phrase "when i retire"? remember , for every person you see interviewed on the news who at a ripe old age is still waterskiing, flying his own plane, racing cars,mountain climbing etc, I'll show you more people than we could count who can't get around an many of them are just like you who believed they would be healthy and would do all those great things when they were done with working! but hey suzi orman would be proud of you! now heres my plan, when i wake up, its a gift, you never know if you'll ever see another morning, so get up, look at the sky,go to work make some money and spend a good portion on adventures and to exotic places, see the natural wonders, restore an old car, take sailing lessons, fly a plane, build an english garden, whatever! do it now while your able and alive! there is no reset button! once on this blue orb and after that, { if you believe in life ever after with angels with harps and all that you probably are also convinced your going to be healthy to a ripe old age too! optimism!}but what are the bad things to my plan? well , your not going to have a deep well of cash, if you live long enough! and your probably going to downsize your living{which is it really bad to sell your big house , move into a smaller house for less money in an area of the country with less taxes, and is having less later in life really all that bad? who wants to keep all of it up?}besides my idea of fun if i live that long will be to sit on a bar stool and listen to some other retirees stories while telling my long as i dont sit next to someone who starts off with "when i retire"!

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