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bad economy?

 i know that a lot of folks are out of work, and the media sings the sorrows of big business not sucking in the profits that they are used to..but...have you guys driven past yout local mall lately? I did on sunday, you had to park waaaay out just to get a spot...resturants? go on a friday night...get ready to sit at the bar and have a few while waiting for a table...stopped in to check out a large hunting/outdoor type store in our area...the place was crawling with people wearing camo from nose to toes and were standing in line buying must have hunting and fishing gear! no shortage of customers...ya i know people are hurting, and some businesses are having troubles...but it makes me wonder how many are singing the blues so they can beat their employees out of pay and benefits....all in the name of padding the profit margins...............

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