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why do i look at the real estate listings?

once again I'm browsing the listings online, and low and behold a queen anne victorian that i had gone through during the holidays as part of a fundraiser is for sale! oh, it is massive..3700 sq feet, maids room on third floor...even an elevator installed in the 30's! but does one pull the trigger and make the attempt? the price is right , the condition of the house is right...but taxes, heating costs would be more than we're used to..we certainly live well under our is easy...we do as we please for the most part...this would curtail certain activities{flying lessons..classic cars..etc}but one does only live once and if not now....? as one gets older they say they get wiser, but perhaps we just step back from risks or taking chances..or stepping out of our comfort zones...perhaps its fear of change...or is it the knowledge of the work and cost of maintaining such a home...i'm sure i'll ponder this and view the pics of the home and even go to the open house...but in the end i'll probably retreat to the safety and comfort of something known...i admire the people who gamble the future and spend on their dreams far beyond what most of us consider i say.. there is no reset button on life....

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