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a trip to the store

usually, i wind my way through the maze of aisles at the supermarket as if i were trying to beat the clock and win the big prize, i go with list in hand, made out in order of the aisles themselves, i shop the same store and know where everything is on the i went to pick up something for dinner, but had no plan, bad idea, it would take longer to gather supplies...but on my meandering deciding what to cook i ran into a childhood friend ..we grew up together on the same street...her two brothers and i were always out doing something...spending those ten minutes catching up on our lives was such a nice look back into the memory bank....things that havnt been thought of for 20 or 30 years , time does pass quicker with each passing year....stop and look around every once in a while, if you don't you might miss something or someone......

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