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slaves to the yard

well its such a nice sunny and warm day today, unusual for this time of year...and while traveling around town with the top down i see the homeowners raking away getting the lawn ready for another year of mines greener than yours! really now people, the only time you need that yard to look like the cover of good housekeeping is when the for sale sign is planted in your front yard! come on! they will deny it, but their trying to impress the neighbors, life is short! grab a book or a magazine, a beverage of choice and sit out under that warm sun and put your feet up, put the top down  and go for a burger, go to the airport and watch the planes, anything! if you get your only true joy from having a green weed free lawn why not work at a golf course where your attention to detail will make sense! now if you have a flower garden or vegetable garden and consider that your "hobby" then you are doing this for yourself, not the people living on your block, and you are exempt from my above rant!

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