the hillside house

our bungalow on the hill

just us

 well we don't just stay home and work on the house, ya gotta go out and see some of the places on the globe and have a beer! heres some of the places we've been..someday i'll add some more...need time...a very scarce commodity!

Picture or Video 229 somewhere in the caribbean

Picture or Video 199 honeymoon beach st john

115 montego bay jamaica

we got to meet the brakeman for the jamaican bobsled team for the 2010 games, way cool!

004_4 003_3(1)

bavaria, germany..munich octoberfest!

IMG_0154 IMG_0241 one of the beer tents at octoberfest...7000 people under one tent and theres alot of tents! couldnt do this in the states too crowded and too much beer.. it would turn into a brawl..the germans are happy drunks! no problems at all..

IMG0128 some of our german friends

IMG0126 we still don't know where our friend brian got this hat! he was happy though!

IMG0093 salzburg austria

IMG_0217 our group in austria!

 Antigua! lots of sun, even more beer!

biplane hudson valley from a biplane!

circle  columbus circle ,central park NY!

as seen from our room on the 48th floor of the mandarin oriental hotel! a million dollar view for 2400 a night!

been lucky, and have seen a lot..but its a big world and theres more to see!