the hillside house

our bungalow on the hill

the barn

well, everyone needs a toy box, and this is mine! I've owned alot of cars and the barn has been home to many of them, its also an informal gathering spot for friends to have a drink and pull up a chair next to the old stove when its cold out or have a cold beer on a warm summers night!


thats the outside of the barn and the current toys!

Picture or Video 096 a stove garden! I'm always looking for old stoves that have reached the end of their useful lives, and turn them into lawn art!

029 heres a pic of the model T settling into its new home, theres a 1938 frigidaire behind it keeping the barn beer frosty and the 1936 gas pump i resurrected from a rusty castaway to a centerpiece of the main floor

Picture or Video 097 before            004    after!

006    002(1)

003   the Benz!  

the loft001(5)