the hillside house

our bungalow on the hill

the old house on the hill

 How what started out as simply as "we need more space", became an obsession! Picture or Video 150 our 1925 bungalow on the hill!

We wanted the house because of the barn 002 

no, the cars didn't come with it, but as the house was up the street from where I grew up, I remembered how they had ford model T's in the barn, and when I saw the house was for sale, I told my wife "this is the only house I'm ever going to own" careful what you say to your spouse, they have better memory than you will! Seeing how the home was old and hadn't been modified over the years we thought it best to keep it as it was built...but, sometimes things get out of hand..I was watching a christmas story{you know, the BB gun movie!} when i decided lets bring the house back to the era of the 20's to the mid 30's! from refrigerator to lighting! and that is how this all started! click on the pages on the left to see how it evolved!