the hillside house

our bungalow on the hill

the second floor

Picture or Video 522 well, ya gotta go up the stairs to get upstairs! All that wood, covered in paint! took untold hours and the last bit of patience on my part to refinish them, in fact if you see natural wood in any of these pictures, it was painted over when I bought the house...

Picture or Video 540 thats the landing at the top of the stairs..

Picture or Video 523 Picture or Video 537 thats the back bedroom, went so far as to get period car brochures and coins/trolley tokens for the top of the dresser! the bedroom set has been in the family for over ninety years

Picture or Video 541   

 heres the master bedroom with the wood ceiling and the gas stove i installed to keep things toasty on those new england winter nights Picture or Video 530

Picture or Video 281    a few old pieces, but mostly new...who would of thought?

heres the front bedroom that we turned into a sitting room Picture or Video 525 if you can make out the woman in the wedding gown in the photo on the wall, thats my grandmother,my wife wore the same dress when we were married, my great uncle Art{grandmas brother} was at our wedding, the only one who saw the gown worn twice

pic1  great guy, he really lived, lots of adventures, i could listen to those stories for hours, wish he was still around....

Picture or Video 527 the stereo in that room is a modern tube amplifier, if you are really into your music and enjoy true sound reproduction, check one out, you won't be dissapointed, not to mention they leave the tubes exposed....nothing like a drink and some sinatra on a cold winters night with the soft glow coming from the tubes!