the hillside house

our bungalow on the hill

the toys!

well theres been a lot of them, so lets start with the current fleet and work our way back to the beginning!

photo looking down from the loft on our 2011 corvette coupe, whats to say! ya gotta own at least one vette! need speed? these latest bowtie rockets clear 180mph, deliver close to 30 mpg on the highway, have all the comforts of luxury cars, and turn heads from 9 to 90!

65 ford 65 ford f100 for doing the dirty work!

benz(1) 1992 mercedes benz 500sl roadster, these cars stickered for just under a 100k when new...awesome car even today....

1925 ford model T runabout....never have had as many thumbs up or waves as when driving this car...truly a piece of history, and the same year as the house!

001(4) 003(2) 005

2008 mini cooper s convertible

012 fast, handles like a go-kart, and a build quality second to none,this is a car you find reasons to go to the store!

well thats the current fleet, lets take a look back in order of its time in the barn....

1965 chevrolet corvair

020(1) ever had a car you wish you had kept? still kick myself for letting this one go....had all the paperwork owned by the same family for over 25 years....

1973 mg mgb

036(1) always wanted a british sports car...great driving car...,maybe a triumph tr6 someday!

2006 chevrolet hd2500 pick-up

003(3) incredible power, great ride quality, world class build quality, anyone who doesn't believe domestic auto makers produce great vehicles never drove one of these!

1931 ford model A tudor sedan

Picture or Video 117(1) what a nice running classic ford, if it was a roadster it would be in the barn still! its also the car in front of my house in the main screen pictures...

1983 buick riviera convertible the "riv"

039(1) this was such a nice car to go riding in, big and roomy, smooth ride, and classy lines, one of the best designs to ever leave gm

ok lets get two with one picture the 1995 k1500 pick-up and the 1983 cadillac eldorado

Picture or Video 101(1) well the pick-up was just a work truck but it never compained, no matter how overloaded it was, and the caddy, i always loved them, i remember when they were new at the dealer where i worked, got a chance to own a well preserved example....

1987 chevrolet k10

Picture or Video 095(1) my first pick-up! it was a manly mans truck, no power windows no a/c, just basic truck...but it did the job well....

okay now we are entering the time before i had digital cameras...i have pics of these cars but its gonna take a while to scan the pics and insert them so remember to check back

1990 ford lx 5.0 five speed, lowered,nitrous, light blue

blue mustang

1931 ford model A  older restoration but it started so easy, hot cold...first crank every time...


1975 volkswagen beetle...bright yellow...first car i ever full nut and bolt restored...a lot of fun..brought it home in pieces!


1974 olds cutlass supreme.. bought it for the cost of the gas in the tank...drove fine..never did much with it...

1999 camaro ss coupe..pewter 6 built


1995 camaro z28 convertible...dark grenn tan interior..6 speed....whats to say strong down...good car

1989 ford mustang 5.0 lx 5 speed dark green...grey interior...silver pony wheels...i think one of the prettiest color combos ever on the five litre cars

green mustang

1972 chevrolet chevelle....basket case ...never finished it ...hate not finishing things....

1984 buick riviera with white landeau top....wide a tank in the snow...

1990 geo tracker soft first 4 wheel drive...had so much fun driving all over when it snowed!

1989 chevrolet cavalier z24 marroon with grey interior.. my first new car!

1974 olds omega....first car i ever painted...swapped in a chevy small block..gears...learned a lot on that car


1970 volkswagen beetle... daily havnt lived till you had to scrape the inside of the windows at a stoplight

1978 camaro 4 speed...high school days


1978 olds starfire...first car! this is what started it is still around...the man who bought it still owns it!