Space-Age Films, Tapes and Insulation 
Brought Down to Earth.

The Vision That Won The Weight Race 

Were Orcon not founded in 1962, aircraft manufacturers would have demanded it.

Until then, the only practical material for protecting airplane insulation from water was vinyl-impregnated nylon fabric. This product created a tremendous weight penalty for aircraft OEMs and their customers.

Orcon's founders, veterans of the textile industry, had a better idea. They pioneered a way to manufacture films and fabrication tapes that were lighter and stronger than anything else available. The films and tapes it produced were unequaled. They are continuously improved and have set the industry standard for more than 30 years.

Aerospace Materials On Solid Ground 

While Orcon focused on aerospace, becoming a mainstay in military and civilian aircraft, helicopters and satellites, new opportunities appeared. Ground transportation companies found Orcon products provide affordable acoustical and thermal insulation in buses, rail cars, vans and over-the-road trucks. The unique Orcon process has also provided solutions for specialized thermal and acoustical insulation blankets for industrial and other applications.

In 1993, Orcon acquired Flight Insulation, Inc., of Marietta, Georgia. Already the North American leader in providing aircraft insulation components and blankets to the military, business and aviation maintenance markets, Flight Insulation substantially increased Orcon's capability to manufacture fabricated insulation blankets.

Orcon now maintains fabrication and distribution centers in both Union City, California and Marietta, Georgia.

Quality Products By Dedicated People.

Essential to Orcon's success has been a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Orcon is dedicated to working closely with customers. A staff of resourceful chemists and engineers has an impressive track record of creating products that meet customer specifications. The Orcon Quality Assurance System meets MIL-I-45208A and Boeing D1-9000 standards, as well as appropriate DOT and other specifications.

The system succeeds, because the Orcon work force is dedicated, skilled and stable. Employees share the company's success, because they believe and act on Orcon's commitment to treat customers fairly, responsibly and responsively. And to manufacture products that meet or exceed the customer's every requirement.

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Film Technology That Revolutionized An Industry

The patented manufacturing process to reinforce lightweight films underpins the entire Orcon product line. Here's why.

Traditional film reinforcement uses woven scrims which are laminated to an adhesive-coated film. The Orcon process applies adhesive only to the fill yarns. The resulting product is as much as 30% lighter than an equivalent laminated scrim product. What's more, the Orcon process is very flexible. Products can be customized to meet requirements of the specific application.

Orcon is committed to continuous improvement in its products, its delivery, and its customer service. That is why Orcon films, tapes and fabricated blankets are specified today by the world's largest airlines, airframe and spacecraft manufacturers.

Orcofilm(r) Products 

Orcofilm products provide the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any reinforced films and make a direct impact on the fuel efficiency of modern aircraft and spacecraft.

Every Orcofilm exceeds the exacting requirements of the aerospace industries worldwide. Each product demonstrates excellent ripstop characteristics and dimensional stability. Orcofilm products provide an effective moisture barrier that is highly resistant to abrasion and tears, flame spread, solvents, petroleum and hydraulic fluids. These products are designed to be fabricated by a variety of techniques, including heat sealing, sewing and taping. 

Orcotape(r) Products

Orcon's family of strong, lightweight, pressure-sensitive tapes were specifically designed for the fabrication and repair of insulation blankets, the installation of aircraft carpets, and for other specialty aerospace applications.

Like their Orcofilm counterparts, Orcotapes demonstrate exceptional dimensional stability, as well as high resistance to moisture and flame spread. The Orcon technical group does extensive research and testing to assure the highest level of peel strength and shear slippage. Orcotape is produced in standard and custom widths.

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Comfort For Customers, Yours and Ours. 

The role of Orcon insulation products is to keep people and equipment cool enough, warm enough, safe and free from unwanted noise. We build comfort for end users.

We work hard to do the same for customers; with on-time delivery of quality products plus the continuous development of new technologies that meet customer requirements better than anything else on the market.

The combination of unique products, unsurpassed quality, responsive customer service and a no-nonsense approach to business has made Orcon the leader in insulation components and fabricated systems for aerospace, transportation and industrial markets.

It is a position Orcon is proud to have maintained for over three decades.