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Jerome Comello, PhD, Chapter President


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The Carlisle Barracks/Cumberland Valley Chapter, AUSA, is one of the many worldwide chapters of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), a private, nonprofit, professional and educational Association of over 100,000 individual and corporate members which is the voice for the TOTAL Army, Active Component, National Guard, Army Reserve, Family Members, and the Department of the Army Civilian and Retiree Community. This chapter is part of a grass roots effort that supports AUSA initiatives by advocating a strong Army and being a champion for those who have served and continue to serve, support and equip it.

The Carlisle Barracks/Cumberland Valley Chapter serves as a liaison between the Army and local community to identify and address issues important to its membership as well as to help educate the public about the need for a strong Army and national defense. Our main goal however, is support our local communities to the best of our ability.

Through the year, the Carlisle Barracks/Cumberland Valley Chapter sponsors many events and activities that include general membership meetings with high profile guest speakers, community involvement events and special events honoring the Army and outstanding Soldiers.

The regional area encompassed by the Carlisle Barracks and Cumberland Valley Chapter of the Association of the United States Army includes Carlisle Barracks, Letterkenny Army Depot, the Borough of Carlisle and the counties of Adams, Blair, Cumberland, Fulton, Franklin, Huntingdon and portions of Cambria and Bedford counties.


 It's made up entirely of volunteers, military, retired and civilian, who provide recreational and educational opportunities to Soldiers and their families in the local area and throughout south-central Pennsylvania. Most importantly, we support our deployed Warriors and their families who are left behind.




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