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Every year the Carlisle Barracks/ Cumberland Valley Chapter of theAssociation of the United States Army (AUSA)  sponsors a golf outing in the month of August.  The tournament serves as a "get acquainted"event, welcoming members of the new Army War College Class.  Many of the corporate members of the chapter and other local businesses donate door/drawing prizes and sponsor holes as a means of advertising and showing their support for the fine members of our armed forces whose dedicated service provides security for us and others around the world. Every participant goes home with a prize of some sort and all players have a chance at winning the use of a new car by scoring a hole-in-one.
This event is the chapter's only fund raising event of the year and produces
the only revenue other than the normal return of our share of association dues from the national headquarters of AUSA.  In other words, we count on this tournament to finance the myriad of troop support activities conducted by the chapter each year. This year's tournament will be held on August 22d at our usual venue, the Carlisle Barracks Golf Course.  We invite everyone to participate; you do not have to be a member of AUSA. There will be lots of drawing prizes and a great silent auction, so bring your wallets and/or your checkbook.  Sign up for the competition will be in the club house at the end of July 2014.  Fliers for the event will be distributed by chapter newsletter and other means starting in June.
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Show of 2013 Tournament Scenes Appears Below 

New Slide show of 2015 Tournament will be posted

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