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Why Join?

Whether you are Active, National Guard, Army Reserve, Government Civilian, Retiree, family member or concerned civilian, AUSA speaks out on issues that directly affect you.

AUSA individual membership is open to everyone and is open to all ranks. JOIN NOW!

What membership in AUSA can do for YOU:


  • Enrich your career development.
  • Be your voice on the Hill concerning pay raises; health care; housing; and readiness and force modernization.

Army National Guard

  • Increase your representation on Capitol Hill by giving you a second option to add your voice to the tens of thousands who are speaking out on important issues.
  • Continue to speak out on Full Time Manning: pay issues; and, increasing funding for modernization of armories.

Army Reserve

  • Become your second association. The more voices you have on the Hill, the more benefits you will receive.
  • Continue to speak out on giving Reservists comparable compensation to their counterparts on Active Duty; and support of Full Time Manning.

Government Civilian

  • Become your professional association. Keep up-to-date on what's happening in YOUR Army.
  • Continue to speak out on pay raises: improvement in training; providing locality pay for high cost of living areas; and reducing or eliminating offsets to the spousal Social Security benefits of retirees.

Military Retiree

  • Keep you updated on what is happening in YOUR Army.
  • Be your advocate for health care; pharmacy benefits; and protection of your non-monetary benefits.


  • Enrich your career.
  • Provide professional development materials.

Non-Government Civilian

  • Help you give something back to our brave men and women of the US Army.
  • Help you show your suppor for a strong national defense.
    Keep you updated on America's Army.

Family Members

  • Whether you are a spouse, a parent, a grandparent, an uncle or an aunt, you can show support for your relative serving in the US Army
  • Your membership will help ensure that your loved one is taken care of.
  • Click to learn about the AUSA Family Programs - Working for Army Families

Don't hesitate - join AUSA today!  For a copy of the Individual Membership Application Form, send an email to  To join online, click on Uncle Sam below.






John Sloan