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The links found on this page are meant to provide chapter members with a means of exploring how many different people have found ways to express their support of our armed forces and the sacrifices they make daily as they serve our great nation.  Some of the tributes are done by professional artists while others have been created by ordinary citizens paying their respects to extraordinary Americans. 
If you have not watched or listened to the tributes on this page, you have missed some of the most stirring examples of troop support and appreciation!  We highly recommend all of them.
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Click on the buttons associated with each title to access the tributes.
 bullet_orange_starPath of the Warrior

bullet_orange_starWatch and Listen to Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red,
        White and Blue"
bullet_orange_star Watch a Superb Video on America's Bald Eagle
bullet_orange_star  Watch a Superb Video on What David Feherty
           (Former Pro Golfer) does for Wounded Warriors

bullet_orange_star  A Soldier's Christmas Poem


bullet_orange_star I Fought For You.  I Stirring Tribute to our

         Armed Forces


bullet_orange_star 3d Graders Pay Tribute to Armed Forces


bullet_orange_star 50,000 Names by Jamie O'Hara

          (song about the VN Memorial)

 bullet_orange_star John Wayne on America

bullet_orange_star Billy Ray Cyrus sings "Some Gave All"



 Born Again American:  A very
uniique multinational presentation

Here's to the Heroes: A Military Tribute by Ten Tenors
Lyrics by Sam Bierstock, MD, Music by John Melnick
        "Before You Go", A Tribute to WWII Veterans

            (Added as a personal tribute to our Chapter's own Sam

                Lombardo, my brother-in-law, Tommy and to my uncles:

                Domenico, Alberto, William & Charles)

bullet_orange_star  Watch a Superb Video About a Great Film
             Listen to Trace Adkins sing "Arlington"

 bullet_orange_star Hear Dustin Evan's song, "If I Die
          Before You Wake"


bullet_orange_star   Watch  "Remember Me", a nice tribute
          by Liz Palmer
bullet_orange_star   Watch a nice video; a tribute to soldiers

bullet_orange_star   Listen to Bob Woolsey Sing a Bonnie
          Daniels song,  "American Hero"
bullet_orange_star   Listen and Watch "Song for a Soldier" -
          A Music Box Production
bullet_orange_star   Watch and Listen to a Stirring Tribute,
          "Until Then"

bullet_orange_star   Watch and Listen to Toby Keith's "American Soldier"

bullet_orange_star   "What we remember", a tribute to soldiers
           by Rachel Snyder

bullet_orange_star Already Home (with Music By Tim McGraw)

bullet_orange_star Terry Kelly pays tribute to our Canadian

           comrades with "Pittance of Time" 


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