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The Chapter is proud to announce its new Scholarship Program. This award is presented annually to a CB/CV AUSA Chapter member's dependent, who is enrolled or applying for enrollment in the college or university of their choice. The award totals $1,000.00 toward their degree. The application form can be downloaded by clicking on the link (Red Button) below. Applications must be mailed to Ed Filiberti at P.O. Box 278, Carlisle, PA 17013. Applications must be received NLT May 1st of the awarding year.  AWARD CRITERIA  1. The applicant must be a member of CB/CV AUSA Chapter, or be the child of a member of the Chapter.  2. The applicant must be a high school senior or undergraduate freshman accepted in a college or university in a four-year program leading to an undergraduate degree. Scholarship will be awarded contingent upon acceptance.3. The applicant must complete and return the enclosed application together with the three specified attachments no later than May 1, 2015.Additional applications are available from Edward Filiberti, (717) 245-3715 also at can also be referred to him.  The Chapter Board will convene a scholarship panel composed of AUSA members in good standing, who will review the applications and recommend a primary and an alternate recipient. Final approval will rest with the Board.  The selections will be based upon demonstrated leadership qualities, academic qualifications and demonstrated potential using objective criteria and the subjective judgment of the panel and Board.  The goal is the selection of a well-rounded individual who combines academic excellence with leadership qualities who has high potential as a future civic or military leader.Although one $1000 scholarship will be awarded; other applicants may be recommended for an award by the Panel and voted on by the AUSA Chapter Board.  Last year, four other scholarships for $250 each were also awarded in addition to the $1000 scholarship.Applications should be submitted to Edward J. Filiberti at USAWC Box 408, or mailed to: Prof Edward J. Filiberti, 1112 Oak Street, Carlisle, PA 17013.



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The Scholarship Panel of the Carlisle Barracks/Cumberland Valley Chapter of AUSA announced this year's scholarship winners. This year, five applications were received and ALL were selected for a cash scholarship. After evaluating the applications and conducting an in-depth discussion of the applicants' qualifications, the four panel members awarded one $1000 scholarship to the top candidate, two $750 scholarships for the next two and two more scholarships for $250 each. Winning the $1000 scholarship was Carissa Brandt and the two $750 scholarships were awarded to Nicholas Merutka and Kathleen Butler. The two $250 scholarships were awarded to Robert McDonough and Dalton Muchow.

The applicants were evaluated on their leadership experience and activities, academic achievements, and future potential. The Panel reported that all the applicants had very impressive records and that all were highly competitive for the top $1000 award. The candidates had a wide range of achievement across academic, athletic, leadership, extra-curricular and volunteerism activities. Academic pursuits ranged from art to science and to music with achievements as National Honor Society membership, AP Scholars, and college-level Dean’s list. Most were distinguished athletes earning letters in numerous varsity sports, awarded MVP honors, elected captains of their respective athletic teams, and identified for all-area and all-section honors. Similarly, they were leaders in their student bodies in a host of positions and active in extra-curricular activities including chorus, marching band, dance, competitive ice-skating and many more. Perhaps the most impressive is their record of volunteerism and community service with Relay-for-Life, Special Olympics, SPCA, Ronald McDonald House, Exceptional Family Members, Breast Cancer prevention sponsoring events, and many more.  

Congratulations to all the awardees. The Scholarship Panel Members (COL(R) Ed Filiberti, COL(R) Sonny Sloan, COL Patty O'Keefe, and COL(R) George Woods) were awed by the qualifications of the applicants and very appreciative of the efforts taken by all the candidates in preparing such thorough applications.  It is with great pride that our Chapter awards these scholarships to these exceptional young adults, and we also express our gratitude to all our members for their contributions throughout the year and continued membership that help make these awards possible.








John Sloan