Thank you for visiting my prints website. I hope to be able to illustrate my prints, tell you something about them and about myself. I'm always very hesitant to evaluate a work of art without knowing something about the artist. So, I might save you some guesswork with at least a little background here and there.

There isn't much of beauty here. I regret that, I appreciate beauty as much as anyone. But this isn't 'decor'. I'm a little at the mercy of the lines, shapes and themes, they seem to have their own agendas and I don't struggle too much against them. The prints are from woodcuts, the method I have found after long trial is the best for 'expressing' the drawings. My approach to their carving is utilitarian and unsentimental, to say the least. But I think printmakers sometimes tend to get lost in their methods and lose sight of what they're printing. In my case it's the magic and mystery of the drawings themselves. That's the point.

As for the art/drawings/glyphs themselves, you will quickly see it isn't 'art' as that word is generally understood. I realize that quite well. I also know it's self-involved drivel, full of mesoamerican motifs I have no claim on, but that can't be helped. The drawings are what they are. It's a pity they require an apologist and something of a tour guide, but while I live they will at least have that.

Please come with me then, and see these ...curios, for lack of a better word -the genesis of which I can honestly say, I am as puzzled as anyone.



(May 25th 2012 - ALL my works are 'prints' and they were hand-printed by me on a real, metal and wood press I constructed myself. They are not some kind of digital facsimile. Here maybe this article will help.)

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