Hybrid Rhododendrons


Seaview Sunset

by Frank Fujioka - a Puget Sound hybridizer

What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is created by a sexual placement of pollen upon the stigma of the flower with the purpose of creating seeds and ultimately a new plant.

Hybrids can be created by an insect or they may be created by people who are called hybridizers.

The hybridizer has an idea as to what characteristics they would like to have in their new hybrid and select parent plants based upon these desired characteristics. They will avoid certain plants as parents because they know that certain unfavorable characteristics are likely to result.

A hybridizer may choose to use two species or two hybrids or a combination of species and hybrids for parents. It takes a few years for the new plant to become of bloom size and a few more years of testing the plant to learn its true characteristics.

Most new plants end up on the compost pile; but occasionally, the hybridizer will find a new plant and may decide to have it registered and asexually produced in mass quantities to be placed upon the market for the gardener to purchase and to plant in their own garden.


Starbright Champagne

by Frank Fujioka - a Puget Sound hybridizer

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