Our Instruments

The Seattle Trumpet Consort trumpets was founded because its members desired to capture a brass instrument sound much closer to what composers had in mind when they wrote some of the great brass works of the baroque and classical periods. Experiencing the sonorities and playing characteristics of period instruments has provided insight into timbre, phrasing, articulation and balance that cannot otherwise be achieved using modern valved instruments.


The consort performs on trumpets patterned after the leading instruments of 18th century Nürnberg, Germany. These instruments are produced by today's leading baroque trumpet manufacturers: Adolph Egger & Sons, Frank Tomes, and Naumann Trumpets.


The use of 18th- and 19th-century style mouthpieces also contributes to the creation of a characteristic tone color. We use mouthpieces made by Adolph Egger & Sons, Naumann Trumpets, John Webb and Bruno Tilz.


Adding timpani of historic style, with calfskin heads and authentic mallets completes the unique sonority that the consort produces. Our timpani were made by GP Percussion after a pair of baroque drums in the Gemente Museum in the Hague.