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"Every once in a while a "Jewel" is created..." says a recent brochure. This website celebrates Seaward Sailboats manufactured by Starboard Yachts and Hake Yachts.   Designed by Nick Hake, the Seaward is a unique and incredible sailboat and I am lucky to have found her.  She is truly the 'smallest big boat' I could own!

 I am a previous 2001 Seaward 25 owner.  I bought "Gulf Sandpiper" in February of 2003, sailed her for four wonderful seasons, and recently sold her.  She was a wonderful, well built, high quality, safe, good looker, and fun boat.  I created this non-commercial website for the purpose of sharing current and historical information on all of the Seaward sailboats.   While this started out as an S25 website, it quickly evolved into a celebration of all Seaward models.  My thanks to all my Seaward friends and Hake Yachts who supplied brochures and photo's for this website!  If you have some Seaward material to share, please contact me.  Fair Winds, Scott F (previous owner) 2001 S25 "Gulf Sandpiper"


Seaward S26 Gallery
Seaward S25 Gallery
Seaward S24 Gallery
Seaward S23 Gallery
Seaward S22 Gallery
Seaward Fox Gallery
Seaward S32 Gallery
Online S25 Manual
Replacements Parts Sources
Seaward 25 Photo Gallery
Seaward Friends Photo Page
Seaward Factory Manuals
Favorite Sailing Websites
How To Find a Seaward


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Provides several great Seaward articles plus links to many great Seaward S25, S24, S22, Fox, Slipper magazine articles and boat reviews. 

Seaward S25 Gallery

This page includes current and classic brochures, price sheets, factory manual, photos, and information on the awesome Seaward S25.

 Seaward Friends Photo Album

Here are some photo's of Seaward Friends. 


Seaward S24 Gallery

This page includes classic brochures, price sheets, information on the pretty Seaward  S24.


 How to Find a Seaward Sailboat

Here are some tips for the potential Seaward buyer on finding the elusive Seaward sailboat. 


Seaward S23 Gallery

This page includes current and classic brochures, price sheets, factory manual, and information on the gorgeous Seaward  S23.


Scotts Online S25 Manual

This page will be an online manual written for the S25.   I intend to cover the entire S25 rigging in detail, so you can learn to set your S25 up right.  I have just added a mast raising section and photos.  Not much happening with this page yet.

Seaward S22 Gallery

This page includes a classic brochure, price sheet, and color photo's of the attractive Seaward S22.


Seaward Sailboat Factory Manuals

This page includes Seaward sailboat factory manuals that I've either located or were shared by other Seaward owners. 


Seaward Fox Gallery

This page includes classic brochures, price sheets, information on the very cute Seaward Fox.


Scotts Seaward 25 Photo Album

This album has photos of my 2001 Seaward S25, a photo of the Seaward cap, and a close up shot of the Seaward logo on the galley cup.


Seaward S26 Gallery

This page includes construction photos, first splash photos, pricing, info, on the brand new Hake Yachts S26 design.  I sure wish I had an S26 brochure to post here....

Mast Raising

Click on the photo to go my mast raising page which has photos of the Hake Yachts standard mast raising setup. 

Seaward Slipper 17 Gallery

This page includes classic brochures, price sheets, design notes, and close up photos of the pretty little Seaward Slipper.


Interesting Seaward Projects and Information
bulletHatchboard Dimensions
bulletCenterboard Dimensions
Seaward Eagle 32 Gallery

This page is new and shows some close up photo's of the luxurious Eagle 32.  I sure wish I had an S32 brochure to post here....

Favorite Seaward Links

Go to the Favorite Seaward Links page for my favorite sailing websites.  Good high quality sites, no junk!  There are several links to interesting Seaward sailboat sites. 

Replacement Parts Sources

This page lists names and sources for replacement parts suppliers.  If you have any information to share, please email me.

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