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And now, for Emily's Poem...

Drunken Smells (jingle Bells)

  Marching through the mall, in a drunken single file,
  O'er the stairs we go, laughing all the way "HO HO HO!"
  We formed a Santa Ring, 'round good old Meier and Frank.
  The Virginia Cafe, they got our drift and helped us all get tanked!

  OH! SantaCon, SantaCon, Drinking all the way!
  Oh what fun it was to play with Portlanders that day-AY!
  SantaCon, SantaCon, did we get too rough?
  Getting groped by Santas in the middle of the street
  Partially exposed and in the buff!

  Now my bruises are showing up, and my feet are killing me.
  'Cause we walked for about eight hours, and had to find a place to pee!  
  The suit is stained with booze, from the bars who shared the glee
  Like Magic Gardens, Yamhill Pub, and Jimmy Mak's like usually!

  OH! Those of you who bared your ass, You all deserve a medal!
  O'er the glass walkway, took some pics, escorted by security, Fiddle!
  And even though we shouldn't have, we went on a Nordstrom's Spree
  Then Finnegan's, Spartacus, Powell's Books and yes, at last

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