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"Kudos, applause clause, hip hop hip hip hooray, antaSay to Santa wop and his band of helpers.

may you be blessed with glorious praises and piles of presents from all santi everywhere.

this was absolutely the best and finest and most organized santa gathering i have ever attended since 95 or 6 or whenever the heck it was we started doing this.

well done! well done! i just can't say enuf..."

howdy santi - anne here. my small backpack is actually purple. unless it became blackened with all the wiping out i did. i know the white santa skirt i was wearing is utterly filthy. my liver doesn't look too pretty, either.

and angi, you may want to check the mind again - the one you have must be someone else's, i think i saw yours last partially contained in the broken santa mug around my neck.


thanks to all the santi who made my maiden voyage a completely unforgettable (except for the shit i can't remember) one!

a few remarks...

1) One of the police officers/security guys early on (yellow raincoat) was the same guy that questioned the O.B.J.E.C.T. team. He looked just as worried.

2) The sack races were excellent and I think they have potential for incorporation into other events. Like, high tea, followed by sack races in the mud.

3) We had Santas in from Seattle to San Jose. How about other far flung places?

4) Saddam was captured (I think) just before we got to see the army movies at the Eagles club.

5) The interactions with the pro-Jesus guy (not a Santa) who wanted to pick a fight with any anti-Jesus people were phenomenal. Pro-Jesus guy says "if you say anything against Jesus, I will kick your ass" (or words to that effect). Santress replies, very sincerely, "that is SO Christ-like!"

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