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The Route:

-Walkthrough Saturday Market
-Magic Gardens for drinks and strippers
-Walkthrough Embassy Suites to “worship the tree”
-Walkthrough Bancorp’s Building to confuse Security
-Walkthrough Powell’s ending at the front door- joined the strikers briefly
-Santa Sack Race at the park blocks in front of Powell’s Technical Books -Eagles Club for gay bar porn and drinks
-Ringler’s for dinner and drinks
-Fantasy Video to try and find Santa porn
-Walkthrough Whole Foods Market
-Hung Far Low for quick appetizers and drinks
-Walkthrough Pioneer Square and "worship the tree" part two
-Portland Center Stage to visit the SantaLand Diaries
-Virginia Café for drinks
-Stealth Santa Walkthrough at Meyer and Franks (Santa makes it to 10th
floor and invade a closed SantaLand exhibit- until they kick us out)
-Talk an out-of-service Max driver into taking
Santa to the Chinatown stop
-Invade the Tube- no drinks,
just demanding ice water and martini olives
-Mary’s Club for PDX SantaCon traditional drinks and strippers stop
-Santa Stroll to the Jefferson Theatre to be VERY naughty
-Out the back door of the Jefferson and into the River City Saloon
-2 Gyrl’s performance at the Jasmine Tree

So far we have a lost list of:
Jenny's purse
Anne's back pack small and black
Jason's sweater, black with stripes last seen with anne's back pack
my mind.
no wait, there it is. whew.
Santa con kicked ass. Props to our regulators. way to go. Best ever.

Well your welcome for all the congrats coming in folks, it was definately a huge pleasure.

I just want to make sure to give a huge hearty thanks to my Santa comrades in arms. Without their help, I would not have been able to pull this off.

Santa Tim, for being my second in command and being there since the very beginning to plan this whole thing out (sorry about Zoo stop- that sucked).

Santa Ken, for being there for the route creation, vital herding abilities, and being an important point man for a large number of our excursions.

Santa Johnatron, for pitching in routing ideas, leading the masses, and getting the sack race set up.

Santa Conch, for being the main point man in setting up some of our more interesting stops, herding the masses, and doing this while being somewhat sick to boot.

Secret Santa Security. They're big. They're red. They're mean. Ready to provide backup in the event of a major cluster fuck. Thank Santa we didn't have to call on your services. Not gonna call your names in case you are used next year, you'll have make do with being the unsung heroes.

And all the Santi that brought sticker, jello shooters, booze, toys, etc.

You guys rock.

You are on the RED page!


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